Littering and class/culture/ethnicity

We have a similar system in our town. By ordinance the material can’t be put out earlier than noon the previous day. But there is zero enforcement of that.

Ever think about the logistics of cleaning up your horse’s poop on a trail?

Get down, tie up your horse to a safe, solid vertical object which should be right at hand, get out your shovel (which you are carrying over your shoulder, doesn’t everyone ride that way?), shovel poop into your garbage bag (tied to your shovel, no doubt), tie filled bag to your saddle, untie horse, mount up, shoulder that shovel, and continue merrily on your way.

Horses shit digested grass, it is pretty inoffensive compared to dog or cat shit.

We probably have the same ordinance. I don’t know, but if so it’s equally unenforced.

Horse shit is almost pleasant smelling. Very grassy.

My point wasn’t that we should make people clean up horse poop. It’s that the rules around what it’s ok to discard and what we have to collect are complex and dependent on a lot of factors. So we shouldn’t be surprised that those rules are not constant across times and places and people.

In Wisconsin it is once a year, in Spring. So…still get the road side ditch approach.

If you buy a car battery there is a ‘core charge’ involved that finances getting rid of the old one. Why isn’t that a thing for bizarrely large and non biodegradable things like couches?

When I am Dictator For Life if you buy a couch the cost is inherent and the responsibility is put on the seller. They go out of business then their assets are claimed first by an organization willing to take one their debts or the government to do the same.

I work in small industry plating. It is easy to purchase dangerous chemicals and very difficult to responsibly get rid of them. That is nonsense.

Sure. But a scowl from a stranger is apparently worse than remembering to bring a bag, picking up hot dog shit with it, walking with it out of eyesight, and depositing it trailside. All to ‘appear’ like a decent human being to one other stranger and thereby going out of your way to make it worse.

It’s the god damn frequency that bothers me.

Typically, the bag is left there by a person going into the trail and they intend to pick it up on the way out. Most of the bags you see are likely the bags which have not yet been picked up. Sometimes people forget or can’t find the bag, so some bags do get left behind. I doubt very few people actually bag up the poop and leave it there purposefully. But regardless, poop bags on the trail are unsightly regardless if they are only there for a short time or permanently.

The police chief of Selma, AL is trying. Though the anti-ordure ordinance is more about catching the stuff before it hits the ground than cleaning it up afterward.

Horse diapers?

Depends on how much of it there is

Doesn’t everything?

Yeah, that’s a real thing.

Cleaning toilets is work for Dalits. Upper-caste Indians just don’t do it. At all. Ever.

It’s actually a (very minor) issue in some offices in the US that employ a lot of upper-caste Indians (either immigrants or first-generation), because some of those office denizens won’t even flush toilets.

It’s not a hygiene thing – they know that waste must be removed somehow – it’s just that it’s so ingrained that disposing of waste is what Dalits do that it either just doesn’t occur to them to do it, or they can’t bring themselves to do it.

I think there are reasonable arguments on either side here. Obviously, horse poop is less bad than carnivore poop, and more of a hassle, but I’m not totally convinced that “it’s a hassle to collect” is enough to balance out all the people who would like to hike on trails without stepping in horse poop.

And there’s no obvious necessarily universal answer here. Some places might decide that horse poop is fine and some might decide that it’s a nuisance and should be collected.

Maybe not have to pick it up, so much as remove it from the trail.
Like, just dismount and yeet it into the underbrush.

(Practise with a polo mallet and you might not need to dismount!)

In South India and other parts of Asia, a toilet is a fancy ceramic hole in the floor that the user squats over and (at best) uses a hose rather than squares of paper. Cleaning those kinds of toilets probably takes a little less work than western-style sitting bowls.

Not at all true. Any cite for your claim ? Rich people in India do employ housekeeper who do this but majority of Indians clean their own toilets.

First I’d like to see a cite that this is a issue ; I don’t believe it is. And not flushing toilets has nothing to do with the caste system - someone is just being nasty.

Having said that, toilets that gets used a lot get dirty. A toilet at a ball park and a Starbucks are different level of cleanliness and it has nothing to do with demographics of people using them.

Again - total nonsense. Just made up - need to see cites for your assertion.

Yeah and Howard Stern is a big fan of the Squatty potty, it was available at Costco.

Not really true for the last couple of million years either. We know what humans have been eating for the last couple of million years because we’ve found their middens filled with biodegradable garbage that didn’t biodegrade.

The end user IS the problem when rubbish is discarded alongside an otherwise pristine creek at a World Heritage listed location, with a rubbish bin atop the short staircase leading to the main path. That’s not a systemic issue, that’s just sheer fucking laziness and disregard for the environment and one’s fellow humans.

It’s Australia, not some developing country without access to litter bins.

I think some people are just accustomed to living in filth.If you are brought up in an environment where people throw their trash on the ground, its normal. I spent a career investigating drug dealing, gang violence and murder in some pretty poor areas. I was always perplexed by the drug dealers with 50 pairs of expensive sneakers in their bedroom and overflowing sinks and trash cans crawling with roaches in the kitchen. If you don’t want to clean up after yourself, why not skip a pair of shoes and pay someone to come in once a week and take out the trash? Seeing people simply dropping their fast food wrappers on the sidewalk as they ate their Big Mac was commonplace. If you don’t mind your neighborhood looking like a dump, oh well.