Little Games you play to pass the time

We didn’t call it “slug bug” we called it “Punch Buggy” and you had to call out the buggy’s color. Of course you also had to say, “No punch backs!” otherwise you got it back even worse. My favorite time was when we passed the VW dealership. I called out, “Punch Buggy spectrum! No punch backs!” and started wailing on my sister. She didn’t think it was funny.
Since then we have added Cruiser Bruiser when you see a PT Cruiser and Kraut Hammer when you see a German made (non-VW) car.

If we were driving out west, we would count the “Wall Drug” billboards. If we were driving south, we would count the “See Ruby Falls” signs.

We also used to sing a lot of songs too.

Also “name a city beginning with each letter of the alphabet”.

Then “name a country…” “name a river…” “name a mountain…” etc.

“Name all the countries in Africa” (have never got more than 60% of this)/Asia.

Name all the US states.

But the best one is making up obscene phrases from the letter combinations of car registration plates. The obscener the better.

I still do this.

This may sound silly and childish but when it was raining large silvery globules of rain on a sunny day, I made a game out of seeing if I could evade the falling rain drops. I managed to stay fairly dry by moving side to side. So some people stared… at least I wasn’t soaked.

Geography-name a geographical place city, state ,country, . The next person has to name one that starts with the letter the first one finished with. You go thru africa, It is good on a long trip with kids.

I do this! Well, kinda. It often happens on my way to campus or when I’m in town to do something. I like to develop them into short stories sometimes, as they work well in writing classes.