london drivers irritated at Abbey Road crossing walkers?

I’m currious. Is there anything else of interest close by Abbey crossing?

It would seem ridiculous to make such an effort to cross some non discrript road.

Not much nearby, no. Lord’s Cricket Ground, maybe? But some people really, really like the Beatles.

Aw, come on - go down there and wave to us! Hold up a sign, “Hello Dopers!”

I live in Las Vegas - perhaps you have all seen the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign? If not, here is the live cam for that tourist site as well.

Las Vegas got smart after awhile and actually put up parking in the middle, and a real crosswalk, so tourists would not get run over by buses, trucks, other distracted Vegas tourists driving down The Strip, when dashing across the street (often wild-eyed drunk) to pose on the middle island for their photo op.

It does seem to be odd to have these tourist attractions that just invite SPLAT for the tourist vs bus conflict.

Its walking distance from St Johns Wood tube, which means it’s only 15 mins from zone 1 central London. Not much of an effort for a tourist who’s already there.

Why did they move it? Is the original crossing still around? If so why aren’t people taking their pictures there?

Well, from here:

I’m as big a Beatles fan as there is, but this is not where the iconic photo was taken. I don’t see the point.

I’m not from London, but in general I hate it when someone abruptly stops right in front of me, blocking traffic, in order to take a picture. I’ve had that happen at least a dozen times while walking on the sidewalk on Yonge Street in Toronto. They’re not even standing in front of anything particularly interesting, just “yup, here I am on the sidewalk in Toronto, better memorialise that classic moment with a picture”.

What’s interesting is you can see Paul appearing to pick some bits of lint from the back of Ringo’s suit coat, as one might do when preparing a body for burial. The old lady in the purple coat is a clear reference to Periuincatl, the Aztec goddess of the Afterlife. And of course John is seen hitching up his white trousers, signifying that he was a drug addict with an eating disorder. Yet more evidence for the now incontrovertible theory that the real Ringo was killed in 1966 in a tragic submarine accident and replaced by another guy with a big nose.

The Beatles probably held up traffic to get their picture, so the tourists are re-enacting the scene as accurately as they can. :wink:

I second this.
And why do all the lights blink?

The lights blink to attract the attention of drivers so that they are aware they may need to stop.

Belisha Beacons.

Thanks, that makes good sense.
Also, the guy who painted the lines in the road must have been hammered.

Agreed, it looks nothing like the album cover.

Suspiciously, right around the time Jimmy Durante “retired”.

Heh, I never thought of it like that - I guess it does look that way.

The zig-zag lines are intentional - you must not park or stop in an area with these lines as you would obstruct the view of drivers approaching the crossing.

Everyone’s crazy! I bet they think they’re doing something original and are the first to think about having their photo taken there. How irritating! I wonder how many accidents happen at this spot every year. I’ve been watching the cam for 5 minutes and I’ve already seen 5 near misses.

London drivers get pissed off when they find themselves on Penny Lane, as it means they’re really lost.

By the way, contrary to what you might read elsewhere, the Abbey Road crossing has barely moved at all. It was repainted, but only a couple of feet at most from its original position.

Proof: Beatles in 1969 at end of crossing. Note right-hand end of balcony in background, and drainpipe.

Present-day crossing on Street View, from almost the same angle (as can be seen from the position of the balcony supports). The kerb has been dropped and the lamp post replaced, but I suspect that the storm drain is in the exact same position. The seventh picture on the earlier link shows a slightly different angle.

And compare this Street View with the ninth picture on that link. The white gateposts are still there (where the Beetle was parked), as is the low brick wall which angles inwards at the end. The entrance has been narrowed, and bollards erected, since 1969, but note also the concrete manhole cover in the pavement (sidewalk), visible just behind Ringo’s black frock coat in the old photo. I’m pretty sure that is the same British Telecom inspection cover you can see in the modern-day Street View. Proof that the crossing is in almost exactly the same spot.
Edit: After taking ages lining those up, I now Google and see someone else has already come to the same conclusion. :slight_smile: (link).

This image from the link further up above, gives a wider image of where the crossing is in relation to the building. You can see the entrance further up and that they’re standing close to the end of the building. So I think you’re right that it may have moved, but not by too much.