Looking for a REALLY old thread....

Once upon a time, I belonged to this board. I was actually one of the first on the post-AOL board. Then it exploded (got too damned busy for me), and I moved on to other pastures.

Speaking of other pastures, I was reminded (from the Elephant Proof thread) of the Evil Nazi Groundhog thread. It doesn’t seem to exist any more. Does anyone have a copy? Thanks much in advance.


Never mind that’s apparently a followup thread

Apparently it’s been nuked for some reason

here is where it was

Yeah, I’ve been running into that link. I was hoping it was archived somewhere, but I can’t even find it on Google. Maybe if I knew a few more key words besides “evil”, “Nazi”, “groundhogs”… Tends to bring up the old Threadspotting archive, and some place that stores old links (of course, not the actual text).

BTW, and with no intent to play Junior Mod. on you, Winston, the staff tend to take a dim view of starting up duplicate accounts. However, I know that they will look kindly on your wanting to re-up your original account, and be all the help they can in enabling that. I strongly suggest you contact them (probably Tubadiva) to get that squared away.

Dr. Winston O’Boogie, I’ve disabled your new account. Since you’ve been here under a different name, please contact tubadiva@aol.com to talk with TubaDiva about getting your new account squared away.