Looking for examples of small steps taken that had huge ramifications for society.

I don’t mean to be Mr. negative… but this is proibably a complete fabrication. There’s no evidence flouridization actually does anything, and while cavities did decline, they also decline along the same rate in other countries undergoing a similar improvement in dental-cleansing habits. Available evidence suggests we could drop the flouride and have no ill effects: the fouride simply isn’t thick enough to noticably affect teeth in the brief period is passes through the mouth. You can get some effect from a flouride toothpaste, which is much stronger stuff and is liberally smeared all over the teeth.

I doubt that the Supreme Court of anyone else realized what would rsult from legalizing abortion. Not so much the act itself, but the effect of dividing the country.

Sorry. My point stands. It is completely true. If you’d like to debate this please open another thread.

Interesting. I was unaware of that. I wonder what the Straight Dope is? But is was just an example, and not a great one at that. The suggestions offered that go more to attitudes are more what I was looking for.

That’s an interesting one. Another one related to it is the degree that the availability of has changed sexual behavior. (If it has at all.)

I know, and it is an intersting thread. I just don’t like seeing that myth about.