Looking for recommendations for potato chip alternatives.

1 - Take a slice of Am cheese, microwave till brown and bubbly, use it like a chip or even a bread substitute.

2 - Pork rinds are avaialbe almost everywhere chips are sold.

Air popped popcorn, with a tiny bit of butter and salt. It satisfies several of the chipncravings.

These are available commercially in every grocery store in my area, sold as a sort of crouton replacement in the salad/produce section. You can also buy cheddar, pepper jack, romano, etc. I have developed a taste for eating these or pork rinds, often dipped in guacamole. Potato chips now give me severe acid reflux and just aren’t tasty at all, just a sort of mindless crunching food when nothing better is around.

I like Almonds and/or walnuts. Switching out salty snacks for those things has helped me lose weight.