Lucky Wreck

Because my wife, my in-laws, my neighbor, my family, and Internet friends won’t shut up about it, I will be getting a checkup. I’ve been jostled worse at Disneyland (the Matterhorn Bobsleds).

My wife and my friend, who both love horror movies, have said they’re “jealous” that I’ve been upside down in a car. Not that I want to do it again, but the experience was unique and interesting in its way. Releasing the seatbelt and falling down to the ceiling was kinda funny.

It took me a few reads before I figured out this wasn’t a list complications from your whiplash!

Glad you’re OK, garygnu.

So glad to hear you’re okay (with sense of humor intact… by the way, the worst I’ve been jostled was by 300 lb Entitled Tourist Mamas at Disneyland).

As long as you have the other driver’s info, you should be okay. Simply make a claim to your insurance company and relay all pertinent data. Include the replacement of the car seat in your claim.

You might have to pay out your deductible. HOWEVER–if the other driver is indeed at fault, the lawyers at your insurance company morph into piranhas. It may be six months from now, but you should get your deductible refunded!

Mr VOW got hit in a private parking lot. Other guy’s fault. Other guy wanted to keep the problem “just between them.” Yeah, right. Mr VOW got the guy’s name, phone, and driver’s license info, then told him, “You’ll be talking to my insurance company.”

Insurance company said the guy’s name was bogus, and the DL info was wrong. The piranhas were set loose on him, and we got the deductible back.

Glad your gnus is good! :smiley:

Glad you’re okay. Please respond the next time someone says that seatbelt laws are stupid.
Outside of Boston I saw a Caddy sideswiped, hit the curb go over the guardrail and land on its roof. The driver was wearing a seatbelt, he was fine.

Hope you have uninsured motorist coverage, though I’m not sure the idiot cutting you off would be liable anyway. But the insurance company can sue him if it wants to.

I hit a guy who pulled out of a driveway without looking. I was able to brake enough so my airbag didn’t even deploy. Someone called the cops and it turned out he had an expired license, no registration, and no insurance. They asked me if I had been wearing a seatbelt (duh) and spent their time yelling at him.
I got my deductible back also.

When my Me vs Deer accident flipped me over I hung upside down for awhile. I have vague memories of trying to undo my belt. Mr.Wrekker came looking for me as I was very late. He cut my belt and I woke up screaming as I plopped to the ceiling.
The EMTS said he shoulda left me hanging.
We deduced I must’ve been in the ditch for the better part of an hour. No traffic at all on this road and I was in a deep ditch.
I had many injuries. Took a long time to heal.
I’m glad you had a fairly easy time Gary. But do get checked out.
I’ll feel better if you do.

My father, who was laisse-faire about seatbelts, because he was born before they were required in cars, and therefore grew up not wearing them, witnessed an accident when he was about 30 (a few years before he married my mother). It was a head-to head, between one of those old steel tanks the US manufactured, and a much smaller foreign car.

The guys in the foreign car walked away; frontseat passengers in the US tank (it was actually an Impala, or Galaxie hardtop, or something) didn’t make it, and the rearseat passengers had head concussions and broken bones. One was a kid, who was in the hospital in traction for 3 weeks, and had lost his father, the driver.

My father was a witness who was subpoenaed for an affidavit, so he knew a lot about how things turned out. He learned that the four people in the Datsun who walked away were wearing belts, and the people in the front seat had those new-fangled shoulder belts installed. No one in the American car was wearing one. Had them, not wearing then.

My father became the biggest advocate for seatbelts after that. A lot of cars had them in the front, but not the back, but he insisted in having them in the back as well, on any car he bought and installed a child’s harness in for me (albeit, in the front seat). When my baby brother was born, newborn safety car seats were new, and not required, but my parents got one-- rearseat; rear-facing.

I was a kid when my state finally got a seatbelt law. I’ll never understand resistance to them. You should already be wearing a seatbelt. If you don’t, then you’re the sort of idiot the nanny state should be protecting. Not being strapped in makes my skin crawl.

My insurance adjuster told me if they can prove they were uninsured my deductible will go from $500 down to $100.

Here are some pictures.