Luxor Hotel and Casion Fans

I had the time of my life at the Luxor a few weeks ago. We went to Bodies and Titanic exhibits. We went to the Criss Angel concert. The food was awesome at Tacos and Tequilas, and Rice and Co. LAX was a blast. Has anyone else been to the Luxor and had as much fun as I did?

You had great fun at the Luxor did you? Then you joined the SDMB right after because that seemed natural? Nice try PR guy. You mentioned all of the things there too, good job intern!

The Luxor has fallen enough in stature that even my cheap-ass considered staying there on my last Vegas trip.

I’d report this for closure, but I think it might be fun to let this guy have it for a while before having it closed.

I stayed at the Bellagio earlier this month. It’s a way nicer hotel. :slight_smile:

I’ll admit, I really wanted to look inside the Luxor because–let’s face it–it’s a freaking pyramid, how cool is that? But the girlfriend, who’s been to Vegas several times, has told me those hotels at the end of the strip (Luxor, Excalibur, etc.) were tacky pieces of shit. And we went inside Excalibur, and it had some of the ugliest tourists I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Bodies exhibit grosses the fuck out of me. I’m admittedly scared of blood and organs, and got pretty ill dissecting a frog in grade nine biology. But FFS; let’s spend time on our vacation looking at PRC prisoners who’ve had their skin peeled off (link).

The Bellagio, by contrast, had a crepe bar and a Monet exhibit. You can keep your shitty pyramid hotel. :slight_smile:

I was next door at Mandalay Bay earlier this week and both times I walked through the Luxor the smell of stale smoke the lingers in the carpets and walls just about made me ill. It’s overdue for a refurb.

I’m at the Rio now and it’s almost at that point too but at least Penn & Teller are miles better than Criss Angel.

Luxor would not be on my list of great hotels, but I suppose if you got a good price, the location is pretty good.

Criss Angel has received almost nothing but scathing reviews - just Google it and you will see the word “crap” many times, plus even less flattering words. Even Cirque du Soleil, who got contractually involved with this show from the beginning, has indicated they are none to pleased with it. The fact that he is an untalented, homophobic asshole with an ego the size of Montana and a show with tricks that don’t work/can be easily figured out by the audience has not made him a beloved performer on The Strip.

Glad you had a good time in Vegas, and as I mention on my website, it really doesn’t matter all that much where you book your room, as long as it is clean and conveniently located; most people only go to their rooms to crash when they are dead tired, and dash out to hit a breakfast buffet the minute they wake up, so some expensive suite is usually a huge waste of money.

I was reading your shows page DMark and I notice you don’t have a review of Absinthe. Have you seen it yet? I saw it last night and although I loved it I’m having a hard time articulating why. :slight_smile:

Good question.
The reason I never mentioned this show is that it was advertised as a short, limited run show in a tent. However, much like those businesses every town has that says “Going Out Of Business” and is still open for business 10 years later, this “limited run” show seems to have legs. I haven’t seen it, but I do know most people seem to like this quirky show.

So you loved it but can’t explain why? Hmm…that sounds exactly like what others have said to me - sort of one of those “you have to see it to understand why…” Most recommend it, but admit it probably won’t be everyone’s taste.

South end of the Strip sux. So does the Luxor. If you want luxury and fine dining, stay at Wynncore or V/P.

PR interns are annoying twerps.

Oh, come on. He can’t be a PR twerp. He never once mentioned the clean rooms and the friendly staff. :wink:

And he mis-spelled “casino” just to prove he was a normal internet denizen, too!

That’s why he’s still an intern.

If you had told me before I went that the humor was based on racist comments and descriptions of sex acts I wouldn’t have bought the tickets but it was somehow hilarious. I can’t explain why the delivery made it funny but it really did. I wouldn’t see it again, I don’t think it’s repeatable but I am very glad I did see it. The circus acrobatics are mostly very good.

The first act was quite poor, I was wondering if we’d made a mistake at that point but the rest more than made up for it.

The biggest downside was the seating. The seats are small folding wooden chairs, quite close together. The lady next to me was sharing my seat for most of the show.

Identical post under identical name at Reported.

Actually I like the Luxor casino floor for the slot machines. Their drink service is frequent, cheap, and their cheapo pina coladas are far, far better than I’ve had anywhere else, actually. The whipped cream had booze in it, I swear! AND you can get drunk off them! Not common to my own experience, lol.

Didn’t stay there, didn’t do anything but hit their casino for a couple of hours, but it was a nice place to just sit and wind down and be entertained.

I’ve actually being traveling out here to visit my uncle for the last ten years. He used to sell jewelry at Caesar’s Palace. The Luxor has always been one of my favorites though. There’s just something about that light that I like. Maybe because when I was in the Navy on deployment’s I used to look up at the sky in the middle of the ocean and stare at the stars for hours on end. (You have a lot of down time while you are on deployment in the Navy). I had the unique experience to try some of these places when I got to visit because most of the time I was underage when I visited. I’m new to the internet and wanted to see if anyone else shared the same feelings I have about the Luxor.

Leaving the thread since there’s some info about visiting Las Vegas here.

The Luxor is one of my favorite places to stay in Las Vegas. However, I don’t like the the new that they’ve reduced the hours of the Pyramid Cafe to 7am-3pm instead of 24 hours a day.

I, for one, prefer casions to casinos, as one is less likely to lose money in a casion.

But I do think that the smallness of the venue is a large portion of why it’s so good–you’re able to easily see the muscles tremble when the strong-man acrobats are doing their routine and such.

The fact that it was so low-tech also, I think, added to the experience. I saw Ka the night before, and that very obviously needed every single bit of 21st century technology they could get to pull it off, Absinthe looked like it could have been done 100 years ago.

Eh. Casions are for kids. Real musicians use Yamahahns.