Mail order bride & sour honey

JCoM did you sign a contract with Bubba or was the only thing signed the loan? If you have a contract which states he is to sell his honey and pay the 3K you may have a chance of getting some of your money back. If not, I’m sorry but I doubt you’ll see your money again.

Man, I got a suck-name alias. Nobody ever says," I was just about to die when Bubba rode in on a white horse and saved me and the orphans." Hell no, its always - Bubba beat his wife, or Bubba got drunk, or Bubba sold all his honey and he still owes me 3 grand".

I say you pay a visit to the bees and tell them that they work for you now.


Steal the bees! Steal the bees!


Seriously, I’d file a claim in small claims court. That’s what it’s THERE for. I don’t think that the beekeeper even has to be in town for you to start proceedings (though I am not a lawyer, and this should not be construed as legal advice). For 3K, I’d definitely try to see if small claims court would answe a lot of problems.

Of course, you COULD always see if “The People’s Court” TV show was interested…Bubba sounds like just their kind of defendant!

Dude, you should have gotten a security interest in the freakin’ honey!#@!! ARGGH!

There are so many lawyer dopers here and you didn’t even ask us!

Ride in on your horse and take his bride for your Right of First Night, Braveheart-style! Yea!

(my bolding)

Why does this make me smile?

Ah toss…

“This sort of thing always happens.” (my bolding)

I liked this part the best. Extra points on the Rant-O-Meter for creative use of real life information.

Sounds like you might have to end up with a nasty case of the hives. I’d say, buy yourself a smoker and go find his bee boxes. After they’ve all flown home to roost one evening, truck them off somewhere and wait for his return. He’ll probably be pretty anxious to locate his little moneymakers after bringing his bride back home.

If Bubba’s signature is on that loan sheet you co-signed, that’s as good as a contract. Few judges would interpret that as some sort of gift. Begin small claims court proceedings immediately.

I knew a lady who was a mail-order bride and her husband. The first time he met her was when he flew down to the Phillipines for their wedding.

She had a lot more sense than he did. They actually lived in our house for a few months because he was screwing around with their money. (He quit his job right after moving in with us :rolleyes:, and he was addicted to lottery tickets when we knew him.) However, she had concrete goals. After getting here, she wanted to get computer training and get a job in computers, bring her mother over, and buy a rice plantation in the Phillipines.

The last time my mother saw her a few years ago, she had gotten a job that would pay for her to get computer training, had brought her mother over to do full-time child care, and was well on her way to saving up for the rice plantation.

Apropos of nothing I quote from David Brin’s Earth:

"She was worse than crazy…she’d had a plan.

I keep running into these mail-order bride-buyers every time I go to Russia. For the record, that’s a couple times a year, for stays that vary from months to…several months. I speak Russian. My best friend just married some guy after she divorced her wife-beating, drunken hubbie. Her best friend also did the same thing. What’s weird is, except for Moscow, I don’t spend a lot of time in big cities—I’m in places like Yalta, Sinferopol, Sebastopal, and so on----none of which are small, but aren’t exactly huge, either. And I’ve yet to have a trip where I don’t find some guy with his bride.

And the guy with the bees? He owes you money, plain and simple.

Dead Badger, is it OK if I use this as my sig? I LOVE it!

My mother teaches at a local college. It has all sorts of russian mail order brides that are married to greasy railroaders/coal miners (Not to insult those two professions but even if thats your job you have to admit there’s alot of scumbags in those fields) the men are always so impressed with their sexy wife that works so hard at home and at school. Learning english earning degrees. And they’re always so stunned that after a few years these lovely ladies get their citizenship dump their husbands and move to a bigger city.

but I guess it works out $10,000 for a prositute/maid for the men for 5 yrs (more or less) and citizenship/new life for the women.

Several of you made me laugh about this. Thanks! (Sorry, BubbaDog, maybe you should change your username to Dogbreath? Oh wait…)

Eva Luna and Elenfair were very informative. The deal Bubba entered into is pretty much exactly as Elenfair described it.

Recent developments: Bubba called his mom and she called me this morning with the following comforting message: Bubba’s sorry, but he had to get this thing done right now, beacuse he’s despaired of finding a wife otherwise. He had to go NOW!

The company that purchased the honey only paid for half of it on delivery. They gave Bubba $9,000 this week, and will pay him another $9,000 in 30 days or less. BubbaMom assured me I’d get “squared up with” when Bubba gets the balance of his money. I called the company in Ohio, and they confirmed the payment arrangement.

Those of you that suggest legal action, I know where you’re comin’ from, but that simply isn’t in the culture in these parts. Unlike some of the other Alabama posters here, I live in the sticks! You don’t “call the law”, in any form to settle differences. You just handle it yourself, in whatever fashion seems appropriate. “I’ll whip your ass”, whether you can physically do it or not, usually gets the desired results, as this delivers the message that you are, indeed, serious.

Anyway, I’m about 95% certain I’ll get repaid before the next time the note comes due.

I never really thought about the mail order bride deal before. I didn’t mean to be dissin’ the Russian girl. It’s hard to imagine the circumstances that would cause someone to place themselves in that situation. I do feel sorry for her, because while Bubba probably won’t be physically abusive to her, that sistah is going to learn a lot about oppression. There’s no girl around here that would put up with Bubba, or who would do what he is going to expect in terms of work.

Since there’s currently a thread running about bumper stickers, I’ll share Bubba’s bumper sticker with y’all. On the back of his '87 Ford pickup truck , in yellow and black colors in honor of the bees, is the following bumper sticker: “Enjoy health. Eat your honey”.

According to the guy in Ohio, they use the honey to make sweet cakes. The next time one of you buys a Lil’ Debbie, Twinkie, or Honeybun, you are likely to be eatin’ Bubba’s honey. Oh well…

I’ll bring this up again here, after the loan issue is resolved, and I’ve had a chance to see Olissia(sp). That’s how BubbaMom pronounced the soon to be blushing bride’s name, anyway.


You can probably get a look at here now. I guarentee she’s got a mug up on the net somewhere. She must have insulted her gods at some point… rural Alabama. Sheesh.

Women have always had to be resourceful to survive. Sad that it’s still going on, but (shrug) there it is. In the early days of America, people used to come over as indentured servants, giving up x years of their life to work for the person who paid their passage. When the time was up, they had a new life to establish for themselves in a new land. History of America, really.

I’d discuss the payment issue with the company that owes Bubba - see if you can get some sort of lien on that payment, or see if you can get the company to withold $3000 of their payment until Bubba authorizes them to pay it to you. I wouldn’t trust Bubba as far as I could throw him.

I went to Karate with a guy who was trying to get a mail-order Russian bride.

His house was a hole. He had two kids that he wasn’t doing a very good job of taking care of. He had trouble keeping a decent job, had debt problems out the wazoo. (Where he came up with the money, we don’t know)

The joke around the school was that he had to go half-way around the world to find a woman who didn’t know better than to be with him.

Never did find out what happened to him and his…“bride”.

What? No Russians going to stand up for their honour? Are there any Russians here at all? Why is it Russian men have acquired such a rotten reputation (vodka, male chauvinists, lazy, etc.)? Is that really fair? While I have never been to Russian, I have over the years worked with some five Ivans (and two Anastasiaes), none of them matching any of the stereotypes. On the other hand, I would think these companies peddling mail order bride have a vested interest in depicting Russian men as slobs.

As have men.

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