Male Answer Syndrome

Another current term that is similar: Mansplaining.

I’ve known people who would have given the correct answer to that question (“It’s either the jib or main sail for the Sloop John B”).

I know that whenever anybody asks a question here at work, my instinctive reaction is to think “Shut up, Mike” even before Mike has a chance to jump in with an answer that’s five years out of date, but was dead-on accurate five years ago.

Thankfully, no. I, too, have been person B many times. Occasionally I have had to drag Person A off to a corner to get an answer. Usually it had to do with networking issues. I.T. people seem to have advanced cases of MAS.

His name’s “Mike?” Do I work with you? I try to stay current, but with a universe of facts to keep straight I sometimes fall behind. :o

Do you also work with Rob and Mark?

I give a lot of dad answers. I probably know the correct answer, but creating a fantastic Rube Goldberg answer is much better and it gets the kids’ brains turning and mom gets to look smart when she corrects me.

Those men who pretend that they know all of the answers piss off those of us who do. :smiley:

But on a more serious note, my job as a project manager entails being able to answer questions and solve problems in a timely manner in order to keep things moving along; so naturally my thoughts are geared on getting to a solution or helping people get over a hurdle, even in non-work situations. I am also not afraid to admit that I don’t know something and then I may look at the question as a learning opportunity.