Male music much of your playlist is female artists?

Rummaging through my “at work” play list,
Several songs from Baby Metal, ABBA, Ivy Levan
One song each from Lyn Collins, Grace Jones, Sister Sledge, Anita Ward, Kitten and The Hip, Sam and The Womp, Lipps Inc and Devil’s Daughters
And in a special category, I have the english version “The Song of Women” by The HU with Lzzy Hale for the lyrics.
No B52s yet but I add stuff every couple of months.
Erm, somewhere around 1/4 of the artists in my playlist

I had albums from several bands with women performing: Renaissance, It’s a Beautiful Day, Pentangle, the B-52s, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Susan Tedeschi, Amanda Palmer.

Also, I had some Broadway cast albums, which always had women singing. Most notable were Anything Goes, The Music Man, Mary Poppins, The Drowsy Chaperone, Annie Get Your Gun and Lullaby of Broadway: the Best of Busby Berkeley at Warner Brothers.

I’m probably well below 50%, though.

Hehehe, one of my favorites, and the first time I saw them on the tour for Pod was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Their most recent record is good, too.

My collection probably runs about 40% of the bands having at least one female member. A quick listing of a few favorites off the top of my head:

Cibo Matto
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Sonic Youth
The Cramps
St. Vincent
The Breeders
The Geraldine Fibbers

Where does a band like The Pretenders fit in on this list? Or The War and Treaty?

Even Liz Phair had a predominantly male band when touring.

Have you found the related Throwing Muses and Belly, yet?

Casual listening, probably 70% female. 100% for the handful of Kpop and Jpop groups I follow.

For serious listening, which is mostly guitar heavy, nearly 100% male artists or groups.

For me, Chrissy is the draw of The Pretenders and manages to stay above the playing of the band. One the other hand, while Grace Slick is arguably the draw for Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, when Jorma and Jack start jamming live, they become the focus.

Dang it. Chrissie!

I don’t have a playlist, but I listed my ten favorite song performances in the thread Your Ten Favorite Songs. Of the performers of those songs, two are women, none are men, four are groups consisting of just men, two are groups consisting of just women, and two are groups with both men and women. Until just now, I never thought about this question.

I definitely prefer female singers to male singers. Not going to count, but I expect well over 50% of my preferred songs are sung by a woman. The only downside I have ever found is the occasional awkward phrase when singing along.