Many hundreds of unmarked graves of Indigenous children discovered at Canadian residential schools

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However, there is a difference between doing something and not stopping something from being done which you may not know about or which is tangential. I am not excusing people who deserve blame, but without Macdonald there is no Canada. Allegedly, some 70% of Canadians still support Macdonald and 11% of Canadians do not. Regardless of the truth of these figures, there is a case for assigning blame where it belongs on the basis of evidence and not on uninformed opinion.

Canada still needs to move forward from this. The first steps are acknowledgement, investigation, education and fulfilling the requests made by the reconciliation commission when this is feasible. Many more graves will be found. The idea that enough compensation has already occurred, or that covering up tragedy instead of acknowledging errors is wrong. It is at odds with current thought and with the experiences of many countries.

I concur.

The people who set up the system knew the children were being kidnapped. They knew they were at seriously increased risk of dying. At least some of them knew they weren’t getting enough to eat, and others hadn’t checked or set up a system to make sure that they were.

Even if we assume that the people who set up and those who actively perpetuated the system didn’t know the children were being raped (though the rapists certainly knew), and even if we assume they thought the children weren’t being beaten any worse than they beat their own children: I still think there’s a significant problem with saying that the only thing they did wrong was to be in error about their ends. They are also responsible for the means. And they either accepted those means, or didn’t bother to check on the results of what they were doing enough to realize that they were happening.

It’s entirely possible for the same people to do terrible things and to do excellent things. Happens all the time. It’s very difficult for many people to accept that being good about x doesn’t mean that the same person may not be, yes, evil about y. We need to be able to acknowledge both of those things; and to acknowledge that they may indeed occur in the same people.

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Oh yes, it seems that perhaps one of the major causes for the conditions is that the Canadian Government was cheap. They were not giving the schools enough money to properly feed & house the kids- and they knew that damn well at that time. Not only that in 1910 Canada (just like the USA) was rife with corruption, fraud and mismanagement. So, let us say it would cost $2 cdn in 1910 to feed and house the kids, the govt only sent $1.5 (these are not real numbers, use for comparison) and fraud, graft etc cut that to $1 cdn. No wonder the kids were having issues being sickly and what not.

So even if the Government had good intentions, they didn’t follow through with enough funds.

And of course there was deliberate mistreatment also.

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