Map of Postal Codes from Location

On my website and eBay, I sell a few parts that have a set price, and I want to include a set price for Priority Mail shipping, since the rates are cheaper than UPS and other carriers. However, the 2lb and under Priority Mail rate in the 48 states varies from $4.80 to $11.25, so I would like to offer several different estimates based on where the parts are going. I don’t want to over-charge or under-charge people on postage on parts that are not much more than the shipping charges.

A lot of postal rates, such as Priority Mail, vary in the 48 states depending on what “zone” they are going to. The zones vary, depending on the origin point of the package, so they are not univerally set. I can go up to the USPS website, and enter a destination zip code to find out the zone and applicable rate, but it would be much simpler if there was a map that showed the zones so one could determine at a glance what the shipping charge would be.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a site that will generate a zone map based on point of origin. Does anybody know of such a site, or is it hidden on the USPS website and I just can’t find it?

I found a link to a chart. It’s not really a map, but it gives what I think you’re looking for. Plug in The first three digits of your zip (originating) here and it gives you a matrix showing which zone the destination ZIP’s zone maps to.

You could always just get the USPS flat rate priority packaging. I’m not sure what the price is for each option, but I would guess that their website has that info. It would be more expensive than rated priority service for some customers and less expensive for others, but much easier on you.

ETA: Click the underlined title of the item and it tells you the rate.

Doesn’t eBay have a feature that does this automatically? If the seller offers USPS Priority mail, then the bidder has the option to “Calculate Shipping Charges” by entering his zip code on the listing’s page.

If you are logged in, it shows you automatically.