Martin Shkreli's trial starts today

Pretty sure the only thing he could develop in three months is herpatic lesions.

I have never before hoped there is a hell. Thanks, Pharmabro.

I had read that article and I was confused. By his own admission he has no useful skills to help at all, he is an “entrepreneur” and an “executive”.

You might as well have NASA’s former top janitor insist he needs to be let out of prison to help successfully put a colony on Mars.

You left off “attention whore”.


We need a bit of comic relief during these troubled times.

Agreed, but where can we find an open sewer for Shkreli to fall into?


There is a fairly good argument for government control of goods with inelastic demand curves. There is a much lower argument for services with inelastic demand curves. The government can control profit margins on goods but can they (should they) control what you get for your services?

shelter does not have an inelastic demand curve. Very few people MUST live in Seattle. They can live in a suburb or a slum of Seattle and pay lower rent. Rent is not the same things as a 150,000% premium on a life saving drug.

BTW, did you know that Trump pardoned Michael Milken a couple of months ago?

I know he has done a ton of charity work and other good stuff to rehabilitate himself but you have to wonder if being worth $4 Billion had anything to do with it.

Sure, other people might come up with a cure, but without Shkreli who will think to charge thousands of dollars for it?

It is a measure of just how low Shkreli’s reputation has fallen that even if he somehow was able to discover a cure for COVID-19 and distributed it for free, everyone would still continue to hate him.

Let’s just drop an anvil on him.

I have worked as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. I assure you that the executives nearly always believe that they are the ones curing the diseases, and that the rest of us are interchangeable at best and expendable at worst.

The CFO at my last company called us “little bags with dollar signs on them with legs”. I don’t work there anymore.

Trump. Next question, please.

The executives really do think that they’re the ones creating the wealth. They see the workers as a commodity that they use to do so. (Damnit, I sound like a communist, which I’m not, but the attitude really does gall me.)

I work in the trade show industry and that’s what we call executives with pharmaceutical companies!

I was there and did that! The biz is a license to print money because we were deductible. OTOH, no other industry I worked in had deadlines near as serious.

Here’s some news:

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I see someone headed for a new career in Republican politics.