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I once heard, on the radio, a pretty awesome mash-up of Radiohead and Jurassic 5. I don’t know what the individual songs were that got used (:(), but the result was pretty cool.

DJ Earworm has done some amazing mashups. Here’s the one that got me hooked, but this site is full of a lot of gems.

In fact, I hadn’t checked the site in a while, so now I’ll probably be listening to mashups for the rest of the night.

Damn you, I was going to post that as my favorite. It sounds funny but OK at first, and then when the chorus kicks in, it transforms into sheer genius. Love the tribute video mashup to go with it, too.

I loved the comment on that video:

I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious.

Dude(ette?), I really thought you would have gone with this one.

Don’t have a link, but someone did a really awesome mix of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby called Under Ice. It was so good I was hoping the guy would do one of Superfreak and U Can’t Touch This.

I think this is what you’re looking for.

I never knew there was an actual word for this stuff, but one of my favorite episodes of The Sopranos, ep. 1, season 3, “Mr. Rugerio’s Neighborhood,” did this.

A better version is called “Boulevard of Broken Songs” and is on the album “American Edit,” which mashes up the entirety of Green Day’s “American Idiot” album with many, many other songs and genres.

I definitely need to have a more than cursory comb through this thread, because I am a lover of the mashup. But before even properly reading more than one post, I have to link my favorite Drop It Like It’s Hot mashup, which should be appreciated by all video game fans.

That’s a different one than the one I was talking about, but I’m not looking for it anyway. I already have it, I just don’t have a link to it. Thanks anyway, though.:slight_smile:

I did some googling though, and found it again. It’s not on youtube anymore apparently, but this is the site of the guy who made it if anyone else cares.

I downloaded this album from somewhere. It’s pretty good.