Mass Shooting in UK - 12 killed

I read one report that he lived with his mother, and she is currently very (terminally?) ill.

My WAG would be that he’s been caring for her for a few years while she’s been in decline - and therefore felt he was owed the lion’s share of the will. Possibly his twin brother was challenging this and insisting on 50:50, despite not having shared the burden of care. If the house was in his mother’s name, and his brother was insisting it was sold to release 50% of the capital, then you could see how it could push someone over the edge.

And of course, as with most things, there’s a Thai connection. He was one of the sleazos who hang out regularly in Pattaya, aka Sin City. See here.


Hooked on a Hooker


Gunman’s Thai Hookers Sex Film

Lol, sam, have you completely abandoned your pricniples?

Let’s face it he was just a typical middle class bloke going over there for a shag. This is just sensationalistic bullshit. Think man! :smiley:

I honestly cannot stand Pattaya. It’s too sleazy even for the likes of me.

That Austrian who kept his daughter in the secret dungeon beneath his home and even fathered children by her? He was a Pattaya regular, too.

In England it isn’t difficult to have a pistol – it’s impossible.

It’s difficult to have a pistol in Ireland, and I don’t know what it’s like to have a pistol on wales, although I assume it’s closer tp England than Ireland.

Goes without saying, man. This kind of guy would’ve used his car, or a knife, if he didn’t have a gun, because he was a crazy bastard.

That said, I think you’re trying to make the anti-GC argument in a thread that shouldn’t involve that.

I honestly don’t thonk there’s anything to “deal with.” I mean, it’s not my country, so I can’t make definite determinations… But the guys dead, no? What more can you do?

Also, comparing the US to the UKs gun crime or gun killing spree rate is nonsensical, because by any measure, the US (as a whole) has a higher corm rate (except rape, burglary and home invasion). However, when you factor out NY, LA, Detroit and a few other ultra hog crime areas, the statistics change quite a bit. Most of the USA is a blissfully peaceful place.

It comes across like it to me, too, and I’m pro gun.

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There are a lot of preventable crimes, and a lot of ways that corms can be averted, but nut jobs going on killing sprees are going to happen, period. It’s sad, and there’s really very little that can be done about it. If you make all guns disappear, and you won’t, they’ll use knives, bats or cars (or zip guns), and if you magically make those disappear, they’ll use crowbars and machetes and mallets. Crazy asshole murders are going to be murders, no matter what you do.

You need to understand afther’s limited time ocer there. Bang for buck.
((Like his shotgun. Lol.)

I am so sorry this happened to an area of England that is already struggling. Those poor people and their families. :frowning:

Oooooh. :smiley:

Ms. Rigby,

Not sure who you’ve been listening to but Cumbria ain’t doing worse than England as a whole.

Of course for many southerners Cumbria is known as two things.

  1. Fucking cunts sitting around in tailvans on bridges over M6
  2. Westmoreland Farm Shops (yum!)

Oh yeah, lake district blah de blah

Anyway that was satirical in drunk way which would only make sense to tiny number of people. But rest assured Cumbria’s alright, only bad thing I can think of at all locally to it recently was Carlisle floods, and really that isn’t at all related to this area… tis big ( in a british way… small in US way)…

Great in general :slight_smile:

anyway carry on :slight_smile:

Sir, please step away from the keyboard.
Happy Poster, I know there’s a dialectical difference and that the C-bomb isn’t as big a deal in BrE, but you really need to cool it here.

For the Straight Dope,

Spectre of Pithecanthropus

Cumbria’s not struggling. Carlisle was flooded a while ago, but is mostly fine now, and the flooding was limited to only a small part of Cumbria anyway. (Was at a wedding in Carlisle on Saturday).

Carlisle was not the worst affected in November. Keswick, Cockermouth, Workington and other towns close to where the shootings happened were very badly hit. Many road bridges in the county were destroyed or severely damaged, causing traffic problems for months.

Well, ok then. I take back my sympathy for Cumbria and ALL of UK, especially northern England, which has been economically strained in recent years, and vocal about its economic woes. :rolleyes:

And my use of the word “poor” referred strictly to those traumatized by this rampage. Or maybe I shouldn’t say anything nice about them, either. So much for British graciousness. Damned Limeys…<mumble mumble> we won the war for you…<mumble>

I trust that that is not directed at me. Although certain other comments were indeed [del]drunken ramblings[/del] ungracious.

Our gun laws aren’t that strict if a cabbie can own 2. there are a couple of million legally held guns.

A relative of mine owns one and he’s a psycho who threatened his father with one when drunk but he still has his licence.

I guarantee we’ll be reading about him one day.

To own a shotgun or .22 legally just involves coming up with a specious excuse like ‘vermin killing’ and being able to point at a lockable gun case.

You also need the permission of a landowner, or your own land, a sufficient distance away from a road.

You need to allow the police to make random inspections upon you at any time.

The case has to meet specific standards, not just “be lockable”.

It ain’t that much of a free for all.

And then you can’t just carry it around… actually that’s far more of a restriction, truth be told. In fact you’re even supposed to keep it in said cabinet.


There are lots of good place names in Britain.

Here aer some off the top of my head in County Durham, which is the other side of the coast to Cumbria:

Pity Me
North Bitchburn
Fanny Barks
Anyway, best name ever is probably Gropecunt Street in London. No longer exists but it certainly used to. If I recall correctly it was where the Bishop of Southwark used to keep his prostitutes.

It was a general remark, as was my original one. More of a polite murmur as to the current situation. My second remark was expressing irritation at the reception of my first remark.
I kinda like this mode of communication. It’s meta, but it works. :wink: