Matt Gaetz being investigated for sex with 17 year old girl

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Uh oh, his partner in crime, Joel Greenberg is likely to strike a plea deal. While there are no released details about the possible plea agreement, these are the words of Greenberg’s attorney:

I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today

Gaetz was asked to comment:

Let me see, has it been mentioned that Gaetz had a 17-year-old girlfriend and that the 17th letter of the alphabet is “Q”? Connect the dot, people.

A second staffer for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R), resigned late last week amid allegations that the Florida congressman engaged in sex trafficking and sex with a minor The New York Times reported Thursday.

Gaetz’s legislative director Devin Murphy was the second staffer to leave Gaetz’s office, three people with knowledge of the matter told the Times.


Remember kids: Keep your transactions private:

Looking at that picture - are those two related?

No, I think you’re probably wrong here. In the good old days pre-Trump, you would be right, and you could generally assume that the (internal party and external) pressure and shame would eventually result in resignation. But Trump wrote a new playbook, which is to bully, bluster, threaten and wait until the next news cycle outrage to take over. And shame is no longer an affliction of any GOP politician. Gaetz in particular is following the Trump model pretty much exactly. So I would say that he rides this out unless criminal charges are filed. Then and only then might he consider resigning, and maybe not even then.

I hope you are incorrect, but you make excellent points. As more sordid accusations are brought forward, I think even Republicans will refuse to cover for him. Yes, the current playbook is to deny, deflect, and bluster at the top of the lungs but he is not the Teflon Don that his idol is. If his former associate (a true scumbag) has flipped and provides info that the FBI can confirm, staying in office is the very least of his concerns. I’d love to see Gaetz-gaet end with life in a supermax prison for him.

Watch the video. At 0:15-0:20: “Matt Gaetz, who looks like a caricature artist’s drawing of me…” -Colin Jost

This story has everything that the Q crowd has been yelling about for three years now, and yet crickets. Starting to think they didn’t actually care about child sex trafficking.

Unless Satan is involved, it’s not such a big deal.

It reminds me of the panic over non-existent Satanic sex abuse at daycare centers in the 1980s, during which the largest Christian outfit in the world actually was covering up outrageous sexual crimes by its own.

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They have more projection than a multiplex. I’m beginning to think that maybe some Republicans actually hid captive children in the basement of a pizza restaurant… that’s why they were accusing Democrats of doing this.

That is a scurrilous lie. Scurrilous!
QAnon have had plenty to say about the Gaetz scandal, and they’re furious. Furious about how Gaetz is obviously being framed.

Reflexive tribal logic, QED.

A legal team associated with Individual 1 is threatening to sue reporters if they don’t stop reporting on Gaetz’ connections with Individual 1,.

Politicians try to delay until we lose focus. Cuomo hasn’t resigned yet and there’s more evidence in his case (so far). It seems like the furor over his harassment is dying down so this is a bipartisan problem.

Yeah, they’re BRO’s, dude…