Matt Gaetz being investigated for sex with 17 year old girl

I think this real life pic nails it even better:

Life imitating art.

Lol don’t copy my jokes! I’m right here!

"Hey Butthead! I got the fake IDs for your teen hookers."

“Shut up, fartknocker, people can, like, hear you and stuff.”

"Oh, right. Um, these fake IDs are not for teen hookers."


Is that Photoshopped? Hard to tell…

Change them up. The blond one has that Gaetz angular face, and pompadour.

Since we’re slinging his pic along with Gaetz, here’s some Gym Jordan news:

I guess he won’t be gone until they kick him out

Matt Gaetz’ future sister-in-law calls him creepy and states she was not surprised by allegations against him. Her sister, Gaetz’ fiancée, attempts to discredit her by mentioning therapy and mental illness, but does not actually deny the little sister’s allegations.

I find that particularly disturbing. Just throw your very young sister under the bus to defend your predator boyfriend.

I mean, if she were a good person, would she be dating Matt Gaetz?

In a Stockholm Syndrome way I think it could happen, though she couldn’t stay good for too long. You’re mortgaging your soul.

Maybe she doesn’t realize yet her intended role is as a beard for his continued predation on young women.

Maybe she revels in the beard role or hopes to participate.

But more likely she just doesn’t believe a good Christian could do something like that.

If she ever finds him in bed with a schoolgirl, he can just say “It wasn’t me, it was ANTIFA!”

Anyway the real question is how she could allow this to happen on her watch.

I wonder the same sort of thing about people like Ghislaine Maxwell, who was Jeffrey Epstein’s procurer. (Was she simply a privately-employed paid professional madam?)

We’ve seen other scandalous news stories from time to time over the years, in which a male-and-female couple perpetrates unmentionable horrors that involve sexual abuses of females by the male party, with no clear reason what’s in it for the female participating perp.

(Can’t recall any names or details to search for a cite right now. Maybe I’ll come up with something. Maybe.)

ETA: Okay, here’s the case I was trying to think of. But in finding this, the search turns up other similar cases too. This one was big news when it hit. I could never understand what was in it for Phillip Garrido’s wife to be part of this.

Karla Homolka is an example from Canada.

And then there’s the Smallville chick.

How long have they been together? Gaetz has been a piece of shit for a very long time.

According to this article they met in March 2020, so no earlier than that. They got engaged in December.