McNamara's Morons, aka Project 100,000 (recruiting mentally challenged people during Vietnam)

That’s kind of nitpicky, isn’t it? **JB99’s **main point still stands. Even if the law required the government to accommodate people with disabilities, the military would have a strong case for an exemption, for the reasons he posted.

I was post-diving on myself for another reason, and found this thread once again. Derleth’s posts reminded me of a man I knew (“David”, his real name) who served during the Vietnam era (all of his posts were stateside) and he told me about being in boot camp with a black guy from the Deep South; when he saw Bubba from (yeah, once again) “Forrest Gump” he thought maybe he was inspired by this guy, assuming he hadn’t been blown up in 'Nam.

Anyway, one day, David walked into the barracks, and “Bubba” was sitting on his bunk, sobbing and wailing like a toddler. Dave finally got “Bubba” calmed down enough to tell him what was wrong, and Bubba replied that nothing was wrong. In fact, it was the total opposite: It was the first time in Bubba’s life that he’d ever had shoes in the summer, and now he had three pairs - two pairs of combat boots, and a pair for his dress uniform.

Dave said he realized as an adult that he’d grown up poor, on a rural Illinois farm, but didn’t know it because he always had adequate food, shelter, and clothing. It was quite an eye-opener for him.

What, My Lai?

As I recently posted in another thread, my one-eyed uncle was drafted in WW II. He was a crack transmission repairman and sent to Florida to repair tank transmissions. The military has all sorts of jobs for people not up to fighting in the war.