Mean-Spirited Christian Bumper Sticker

Lucwarm wrote:

Yeah, but admit it. That would piss you off too, wouldn’t it?

I’ve never see this Darwin-fish eating a Jesus-fish sticker, only Jesus-fish eating Darwin-fish. Can anyone link to a pic?

That’s what I love about the kneeling Calvin stickers…not only is it stealing, but (since Calvin never went to church, as far as the comic strip shows) it’s also bearing false witness.

breaking two commandments at once…at least it’s economical.

Oh, wait, here’s one: Science-fish eating ICT(h)US-fish

“Looks good on you, though.” — Rodney Dangerfield (Caddyshack)

Has no one here seen the Chtulu fish with the tentacles and all? That’s my favorite!

Ooh, ooh, get me one! I love highbrow bumperstickers that only a few people get. I’m currently working on a bumper sticker that uses alpha particles. I’ll market it as a replacement to the Jesus fish.

Not at all, but what really amuses me is when I see a car with all kinds of religious bumper stickers (“My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter”; “One day at a time”, etc.) being driven really aggressively. I imagine that in those situations, the car has been lent to someone, but I really don’t know.

Nah. They’re just driving as if they know they’re not going to hell.

how 'bout this one?

The best one I saw, it may have been a homemade sticker, as I have not seen it twice, was a fish with legs. The legs were up, implying a dead fish. Inside the Fish was “Monsanto.”

That “Commercialism” fish idea is brilliant. Are there any “custom fish” makers that I could contact for the job? I’d gladly shell out the bread, even though it’d be much wiser to invest it in the automobile I’ll be putting it on.

Now that I don’t get. Please enlighten.

Do you really need a quasi-violent image to make your point bub?

Wouldn’t a simple “Jesus” fish do the trick just fine?!?

Look how many people you have talking about it? Would you have thought twice about just a Jesus fish. Looks like he did make his point.

Monsanto ( the chemical company) has a widespread reputation as being environmentally unfriendly–hence the dead fish.

The “fish wars” don’t bug me in the slightest as I prefer to be amused by this type of thing. But then I’m a Christian with a molecular biology degree, so I’m not sure I’m either side’s target audience. My favorite isn’t the fish though, it is the unbelievably self righteous “In case of Rapture, this car will be unoccupied” sticker.

I love that one. Every time I see it on a parked car I have to restrain the urge to yell “Repent! Repent, for the Apocalypse is nigh and the end times are upon us!.. oh wait… False alarm, people! The driver of the lime green Chevy Nova was just in Starbucks for a minute. Never mind!”

Mean-spirited? THIS?

Look, I’ve seen all sorts of things Christians of one stripe or another have done that you might call “mean,” but the on going bumper sticker/car logo wars between Christians and Darwinists doesn’t strike me as mean. On the contrary, I think the give and take between the two sides has been pretty clever and entertaining. In fact, I’m only sorry that real debates between the two sides are rarely as light-hearted.

I continue to look forward to the next wave of fish from both sides.