Meet Akiko - The world's most perfect puppy!

Feel free to bring her up for a visit with The Killer Elite. Lots of running room.

Sounds like fun.:slight_smile:

Thanks for info Sunny. There’s an Akita down the street and I see it on walkies. I had a friend in college of Japanese descent whose middle name was Akiko.

OMG! Watch the movie - Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (with Richard Gere). I’ve never cried so hard watching a movie in my life.

She’s absolutely beautiful! Dogs are great, and I’m sure she will be a wonderful addition to your home and family. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, you’re not kidding!

Source (.pdf warning)

That’s the same AKC that refused to certify American Pit Bull Terriers – allegedly because of aggression (probably actually a classist decision, as they were regarded as the dogs of poor people at the time).

Now I have to go to the shelter and get a hit of puppy breath. And face licking. I need it.
My dogs breath is bad. I need to do teeth cleanings around here. Ugh.

: skritches :

I broke the news to Ted. He took it kinda hard, but got over it as soon as Jeep O’clock came around.

Although I may have heard him mutter, “She’s DEAD to me” under his little doggie breath at some point in the ride.


But I’m the good aunt. I send all the :skritches:! :smiley:

I fell in love with Akitas while living in Japan in the late '60s–quite often paths from here to there would lead right through farm yards and there was always an Akita tethered out on a running line to allow them to guard the farm yard without being able to get to anyone who stuck to the path. They take their guarding duties seriously and tended to be calm, non-goofy dogs of amazing beauty and dignity. The puppies are unfairly cute and a large litter of them just learning to run around is the best place to be sitting in the whole world. I lurves them doggos, yes I do, and Akiko is so adorbs I want to steal her away!