Meet My Supervisor: Pete Puma


I clicked on your .wav link and it brought up some nasty spyware. :confused:

Got me, I didn’t have any problems with spyware. (Then again, I’ve got my system locked down pretty tight against that kind of stuff, so who knows?)

They sent me home early from work today (I’ve been having trouble making it in on time, so I’ve got no beef with them on that), and that left just the die maker and Pete in the shop. Now, the die maker, of course, had to spend a lot of time alone with Pete, since I was out of town for most of last week, and apparently, it’s made him a bit “touchy.” So, in watching Pete race back and forth between the office and his machine (you know, owner comes in, Pete races out of the office, fires up his machine so that he looks busy, owner leaves, Pete zips back to the office so he can surf the net), he gets an idea. So when Pete’s at his machine, the die maker slides out a cabinet drawer. The next time Pete races into his office, BAM! He slams his groin right into the corner of the drawer. :smiley: The die maker told me that on Monday he’s going to super glue the CTL ALT DEL keys down on the computer. :eek:

I like the cut of that man’s jib.

On Friday, I dropped by work at about 9 PM so I that I could work on part of my school project, since there’s no school on Friday’s and we don’t have a second shift in the machine shop. While I was there, I went into Pete’s office and changed the screen saver on his PC to the marquee and had it say, “Pete, get back to work–[The Owner]”

So, this morning when I got to work, the third shift supervisor (who’s first name is Marvin) came up to me and asked if I put anything on Pete’s computer. Naturally, I used the Bill Clinton defense, “I didn’t put anything on his computer.” (Technically correct, but. . . .) The third shift supervisor explains that Pete found it and went nuts over the thing, started accusing everyone he could think of.

Some time later, the owner spots me as I’m coming out of the bathroom and says, “Did you change the marquee on Pete’s computer?” I hated to do it, but I denied everything, since the owner had this, “I really don’t need this shit.” look on his face and I figured that it’d be better for everyone if I played innocent.

When I get in the shop, Pete lays into me about being there off the clock (Ya think that if the owner was upset by it, he’d have said something.), about someone tampering with his computer, and just all kinds of outlandish stuff, in general. I get a bit short with him, and he storms off in a snit, because he knows I’m not going to listen to him. (He swears up and down that he’s a btter machinist than I am, but whenever they’ve got a delicate job that needs to be done, and the mold maker’s tied up, they ask me to do it, not him.)

After work, the mold maker pulls me aside, and we have a good laugh about it, then he tells me what the welder told him. The welder said that Pete came up to him and asked him about the screensaver, and the welder replied, “Well, the owner probably did it. You know how he likes to play mind games.”

Needless to say, I’m going to keep a low profile at work for a while, and not pull any more pranks for a bit. Of course, that doesn’t mean the mold maker won’t do something.

Is this movie about you?

(Even though I work for the company that is releasing this film I’m not trying to promote the film I swear)

From what I’ve seen of it, it looks scarily like my own life.

Great rant, 9/10!

You owe me a new key board.

My current one is covered with diet coke and turkey sandwich bits because of this line :smiley:

You resurrect a thread that’s been dead for over a year so you can post that?

Zombie thread on the prowl. Back to the crypt with it…