Meeting a longtime friend in real life. How do I alleviate family concerns?

I see someone on the street I’d like to punch probably several times a day.

The same person several times a day or several people once a day?

I first met a long-time online friend for the first time in the UK at a bed-and-breakfast in Windsor. We’re both Americans, but were in the UK at the same time, so it seemed like the best way to meet. It’s nice, neutral ground. We stayed at the B&B 2-3 days and went to visit the castle together. She’s stayed at my house since, when she visited the DC area.

Another online friend who recently moved to the DC area came to my house and phoned her husband soon after her arrival to assure him that I hadn’t murdered her. I suppose if you can’t phone your family, you could send an email reassuring them. I pointed out to my friend there really wasn’t anyplace in the front yard for me to bury a body, what with the patio and the pine tree roots.

Years ago, my SO and I threw a get together for members of an online gaming guild. Most of the people I’d known for 20 years, but there were a few that we only knew from online.

One of them was a 20 something man from 800 miles away, that hadn’t ever travelled alone. My SO and I offered to pay for an airplane ticket for him with frequent flier miles. His family was understandably concerned. Who are these people, and why would they want to give their son/brother/nephew a plane ticket?

In order to calm their concerns, we gave our friend permission to share our names, address and phone number. We also sent a general description of some of the others that would be there (2 public school teachers, a community college instructor, 2 social workers, a veterinarian, etc, most in their late 30s. Several couples bringing their kids along).

Once the parents could see that we were just a regular bunch of middle class folks, they felt much better about their son visiting.

So my advice is to give your family some details, that will turn your friend from “that internet person” into a real person, assure them you are taking reasonable precautions, and then have fun on your trip.

Exactly. Though for me I’d just push them over and stomp on their cigarette, as that’s usually what’s irritating me. I have no right to do such a thing, unfortunately.

Not really. What I thought was odd was the OP asking, “Am I being rash in going to visit?” After seven years? Are you being rash? Ummm. No. I don’t think that’s rash. :smiley: