Mentee isn't really a word, but we're probably stuck with it

Yeah, back formations are fun.

Kudo is the one that I always think of, as it comes from a misunderstanding that the original Greek word kudos was plural (it’s not). Cherry comes from a similar misunderstanding (cherise in French).

Tase comes from taser, which comes from Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle.

Wikipedia has a whole list of them. Mentee is on their list.

Should have gone with subvisor.

Also I have just now realised that supervisor is just the fancy Latin version of overseer. Yet another example of Norman oppression of the Anglo-Saxon masses.

I once saw “steadholder” used as an Anglo-Saxon equivalent of “lieutenant”.

I like ‘hands’ (Traditional in Australia). You’ve got your leading hands, and your general hands.
What, you say, about people who do mental work?

Well, I type.

Anyway, we don’t need ancient Greek characters. You could go Roman (Patron, Client), but in your modern business program, you’ve got your Svengali, and the juniors would correspondingly be Trilbies – or Trilobites.