Yes but it costs a fin, same as in town.

The Patterson-Gimlin film is often interpreted as showing a female Bigfoot. Several frames of the film seem to show breasts.

Hm. Bigfoot is supposed to be some kind of ape, and in no primate other than humans do the females have prominent breasts.

Okay! This is new to me. Thanks!

Hit Google Images and search “gorilla breasts.” Many of the images show very prominent breasts indeed, nor are all the pictures showing enlarged breasts of lactating animals. (Some show Orangutans, not Gorillas, but Google is fun that way.)

Specifically frame #352 of the film is often described as showing (some very hairy) breasts. The wikipedia article on the Patterson Gimlin film shows this frame if you want to take a look for yourself.

This detail is sometimes used as an argument for the veracity of the film. The idea being that some guys wanting to hoax the public probably would have been thinking of a male Bigfoot. At this point in American history, they would have been uncomfortable donning a female suit even if it did occur to them that female Bigfoot exist.

It is kind of an interesting detail because most people I’ve talked with, like some of you, also automatically think “male creature” when they think Bigfoot.

As for how convincing I think this detail and this film is, I’m not going to offer an opinion. I do think it is an interesting way of looking at the film, and I do think frame 352 shows booby-like anatomy (intentional or not, or realistically or not, no comment)

Sorry for the hijack away from mermaids.

Odysseus Sirens weren’t mermaids, they looked more like what we now call Harpies. As for mermen, they were called Tritons.

Disclaimers like that are deliberately made easy to miss. Destroys the ambiance, y’know?

If Bigfoot exists now, his/her ancestors must have existed for a very long time. Why are they absent from the fossil record? Why has no one ever found a Bigfoot bone?

Well, sure, I know that if a population exists, there have to be both males and females. It’s just that the typical cultural depiction – cartoons, tv shows, comic books, etc. – tend to show males and not females. And, until you set me straight, I had never heard of a female image in any of the films, videos, and photographs. Bigfoot is generally typified as male, but, obviously, in real life, if anyone takes a photo of one, it’s close to a fifty-fifty chance it’s a female.

Cool; I’ve read the Odyssey any number of times, but had overlooked any physical depiction of the Sirens. As for the Tritons…were there female Tritons?

The sex roles of Greek mythological creatures is tricky. How many depictions, before Fantasia, were there of female centaurs? Are there male nymphs or naiads? Are there male dryads

(Anyone else here a Thomas Burnett Swann fan?)

There used to be online an early folktale from Frisia that told of a beautiful girl who came out of the water wearing waterproof skin waders. The villagers had never seen such a thing and took it away from her, preventing her from returning to her home, which was not the North Sea but some other dump in the salt marshes. She pined away, nearly to death, until they gave her skin suit back.

My surname is Frisian and a large part of my wife’s ancestry is Welsh and Cornish, people whose livelihoods depended on smuggling and salvaging “accidental” wrecks, so when our daughter was assigned to tell about her ancestry Wife had her tell her class she descended from Mermaids and Pirates.

Applies to mermaids too, of course. And Nessie.

I know someone who fell for this. I don’t think he was used to watching the ‘smart’ channels. His son was there with him so I didn’t want to tell him and make him look stupid. I’m sure someone else clued him by now.

I haven’t seen it, but it sounds like a clever variation on Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast.

Well, probably 1% of all species leave a trace in the fossil record (meaning they leave fossils we happen to stumble upon) (and incidentally, one of them was a 10 feet tall ape called Gigantopithecus). There’s still no evidence suggesting the existence of Bigfeet, Mermaids, and other large cryptids, of course.

Yes, but any species still in existence would have left a nontrivial number of non-fossilized bones fresh and ancient.

And roadkill. Shy as he (or she) may be, Bigfoot has to cross a road now and then, and, on average, isn’t going to make it every single time. Deer are faster, and they don’t always make it. By this time, there simply would have to have been at least one dead Bigfoot by the side of the road.

(Seriously: is there any significant North American mammal that hasn’t been roadkill?)

Some keen proponents of Bigfoot’s existence will assert that the entire species is so highly intelligent and wary, that no Bigfoot is ever killed or harmed by collision with a motor vehicle.

The automobile was invented by a Bigfoot in an attempt to kill off the human race. :wink:

You could offer to take him to see Spinal Tap the next time they’re playing in your area.

Spinal Tap is sorta real.

“I think Bigfoot’s blurry, man! That’s the problem! It’s not the photographers’ fault!”

– Mitch Hedberg