Meteorites falling on your head

I would require a spectroscopic analysis to ensure that the composition matches that of known meteors. You can’t do that though, and I can’t think of anything home-brewed that would pass the sniff test.

If the NASA guys are right about 10,000 tons per day, the Earth has a surface area slightly over 2 billion square kilometers, so we’re talking about less than 5 micrograms per square meter per day, assuming equal distribution. You won’t catch much on a piece of paper, that’s for sure.

Only what you gave already seen.

I’m not the first person to have done this. Are you doubtful of all the others too?

Yes, unless they’ve actually done the proper tests.

I’m not doubtful that you and others found little particles.

Reading around a bit, it seems that a test for Nickel is considered conclusive by many - and that’s fairly simple to do.

Thank you. That actually tells me everything I needed to know.