Microwave Dangers

Speaking of which: http://www.snopes2.com/spoons/fracture/microwav.htm ; snopes calls this UL “sort of” true. I’m sure Cecil’s column contained this link, but there it is anyway.

E Bailey
Do you still have the manual foryour microwave? I think that mine mentioned the dangers of boiling liquids in the microwave.

One of the threads had a link to some movies showing a guy repeatedly boiling water in a mug and showing how it would sort of explode. The site then goes on to explain why this does not happen on the stove top.

No- I still don’t have the manual because it was husband’s BWGM (before we got married).
I guess I just thought something so crazy would be common knowledge- like don’t put metal in the microwave. I have never heard of this! I mean the damn thing EXPLODED! I wish I did have the manual, because if there was little or no mention of this, and my daughter had been hurt, I think I might have had to phone my lawyer…