Milwaukee vacation

Also, if you guys are into ice skating, the Pettit National Ice Center is pretty darn cool, as it houses one of only two 400-meter speed skating ovals in the US, and that oval is open to the public (along with a couple of international sized ice rinks within.) It’s pretty fun–to me at least–to skate that 400m oval with its long straightaways.

Bronze Fonz.

I found the Harley Davidson Museum to be fascinating, and I couldn’t care less about motorcycles. It’s well worth the price of admission and a few hours.

Second getting custard. Aim for Gilles.

I have very fond memories of the state fair. Don’t miss out on the cream puffs, or the cow with a hole in it (dang, google says that’s been discontinued). I’d avoid the veterinarian tent and their open-to-the-public spay and neuter surgeries.

I just saw that the Pabst Brewery has opened a hotel in their building, which looks very cool. Brewery tours are always fun, even for the young ones.

As far as brewery tours go, Lakefront Brewery’s is probably the best I’ve been on. I’m not entirely sure how fun it’d be with kids (or if they allow them), but if anyone else is looking for something to do, that’s a good tour. I’ve taken it three or four times now.

I was almost shocked by how good the art museum is – and I’ve worked at the National Gallery and in most of the Smithsonian museums, and I’ve seen just about every major US museum east of the Mississippi. Also, the building itself is a gorgeous work of art.

The Jelly Belly Candy Company Tour is on the south side of Milw.
The RiverWalk is downtown - and I’m due to see it again as it gets a little better each year.
You might want to check out the Milwaukee Kayak Company - they rent kayaks on the Milw. river (very close to downtown). I’ll be checking them out myself this summer!
Milw. has boat tours, segway tours and walking tours. There are multiple arenas, theaters and points of interest (I’ll let you google them).
There are multiple church festivals every (summer) weekend. lets you put in a date range and filter by categories to see what’s going on.

Yes, you HAVE to (really) get frozen custard. I hear it’s spreading across the US. Plan on more than once as the ‘flavor of the day’ changes daily.

And don’t hedge when you get there, and just get ice cream or sherbet. Get the real deal. A turtle sundae is absolutely acceptable.

That’s in Kenosha. You’d be looking at a 45 minute drive each way from downtown Milwaukee. Also, I haven’t been there, but from what I understand it’s a not a factory, just a warehouse. If the OP wants to do that, they should plan on doing it on the way in or out of town, I believe it’s right off the freeway.

Re: Custard preferences, i.e. mine!

In Milwaukee, it’s:

In Sheboygan it’s:

In Wisconsin in general, any Culver’s will do.

I lived in Milwaukee for 11 years and y’all are making me really nostalgic.

Seconding recommendations for the State Fair and the Art Museum. The Art Museum really is the crown jewel of Milwaukee’s cultural scene. I loved seeing the shock on first-time visitors’ faces when they learn there’s more to Milwaukee than beer, brats and Fonzie.