Misleading Business names (that you've encountered in your travels)

There’s a local firm called “Beaver Maintenance”. It has nothing to do with any kind of beaver.

“Elk Run Subdivision”. Yes, yes they did.

I recall driving through suburban Boston, and seeing a sign, “Catholic Store”. I wondered if I could buy a new Catholic there (mine had lapsed).

This is the first one I’d seen. Newly constructed and very snazzy. For a gas station / convenience market.
We could all go on for days about misleading names of real estate developments. Those folks are a class unto themselves in pure concentrated BS. Almost without exception the more pretentious the name, the smaller & rattier the trailers inside.

There are a few really run down mobile home parks around here, all named (Something) Estates. They are all estates. I always wonder if they are named ironically, in which case I’m onboard with it.

It goes with the clear cut graded-flat high density suburban developments that used to rolling hills covered in old growth forest. Each one named “Something Something Woods.”

Maybe not misleading so much as head-scratching, but you’d never guess what Dead River Company sells from its name alone. It’s propane and heating oil.

I’ve driven past that sign. What struck me about it was that the P looks a lot like a D on first glance. I don’t want to do my shopping at the Town Dump.

Where I grew up, we used to drive by a place called The Doll House and I commented that I’d like to go there one day. I was put off with some sort of non-answer, and I didn’t think any more about it until I was in my late teens and it finally clicked what the place really was. No wonder my parents wouldn’t take me there

There is, of course, the old standby from The Simpsons.

In Beatty, Nevada, there is a hazardous waste facility called US Ecology.

So…no Holy Roman Empire then? Dang.

OK, Stokes Mortuary in my home town did not have a crematorium.


They’re not called “badly” autistic, they’re called “severely,” “profoundly,” or “low-functioning,” depending on the context, and they don’t have “hang-ups,” they have something wrong with the speech centers of their brains.

Also, in all the time I worked with autistic people, I don’t remember anyone having art therapy. I’ve seen it mostly used with people with PTSD, or anxiety disorders that weren’t traumatic in origin. I’ve also seen it used with stroke survivors, and other people as a sort of physical therapy that isn’t as boring as the repetitive motion of typical PT.

I was thinking bikini wax.

I’m very much a grown up, but I never see this sign at Beaver Creek, CO that I don’t snicker like a school kid. The local liquor store is called…you guessed it…Beaver Liquor.

Perhaps they’re lactose intolerant.

I imagine there are many business in Beaver, Utah that cause many a young boy to snicker.

Beaver Barber
Beaver Plumbing
Beaver Photography
Beaver Painting
Beaver Clinic

Any others?

At first I thought you were joking. There are dozens if not hundreds of Cumberland Farms gas stations in the northeast, have been for decades, and I assumed it was a national chain. But you’re right, it doesn’t sound like a gas station!

They recently built it near me and I’d never seen nor heard the name before. The chain doesn’t exist where I’ve lived the last 30+ years. And they’re just starting to expand into Florida where I am now. So I’d never seen one, not even in my various travels.

First the lot was cleared, much larger than a conventional gas station. Then a fence went up with signs that soon “Cumberland Farms” would be here. With a logo of green leafy stuff. Both of our local farmer’s / produce markets had recently died and I had high hopes we were going to get a new one.

Nope. Fooled me.

In Honolulu, there’s Fook Yuen Chinese restaurant.

There’s Vietnamese noodles are called Pho, pronounced “Fuh”

So naturally, there’s a **Pho King **restaurant.

I’m still on the lookout for Pho-Q.

Thai Ho here in Seattle. Just a restaurant.