MLB Baseball April 2010 edition or Where is the Baseball thread?

Tough way for Phil Hughes to lose a no-hitter, taking an Eric Chavez hard smash off the heel of his glove and not being able to find the ball afterward.

Incredible pitch count as I type this: 92 through 7.1 innings, with ten strikeouts.

Tough loss for the Phillies last night. I can easily blame Madson for giving up the first homer. But, that second one was all Heyward. He’s living up to the hype pretty well in the early going. Really amazing talent. It was good to see Kendrick put in such an awesome game. This is the guy we were hoping to see during spring training. It is too bad he didn’t get the win. But, if he and Hamels can pitch games close to that for the rest of the season the bats will start hitting and they will get their wins.

Better night tonight. Halliday is a monster. The awesome defense behind him has to be mentioned. But, he really put a great game in. Complete game shut out on 113 pitches. Man he is awesome.

Yes, he is. No American League pitcher won more games from 2000-2009, than Halladay’s 139. Andy Pettitte was the majors’ winningest pitcher in the 2000s with 148, but three of those years were in the NL with Houston.

Phillies game took 2:28 to play, which is rather leisurely for Doc.

I’ve never been a big fan of Wins as a stat for pitchers, but in this case the numbers only accentuate how good Halladay is. He won those 139 games on a team that played .497 baseball over that stretch (805-812). He was winning 65-75% of his decisions, and that doesn’t even take into account the number of times that he kept his team in the game but got a no-decision or a loss.

Glad to get up this morning and see that the Rays got back on track and got back at Mark Buerhle. Nice chance today to win the series against the Pale Hose. Gotta keep up with the rich kids.

The Mariners kind of stumbled out of the gate on the road, but since they got back home things seem to be falling into place nicely. And MLB has rescinded Cliff Lee’s suspension, so we should have him back very soon.

Aaron Harang has got to go. He’s awful. What happened to him? Why is he making $15 million a year again, Mr Castellini?

Jesus, send him packing and bring up someone already. He’s sucked for two years now.

Good game last night. It moved fast too which was great for someone like me on the East Coast. The Yanks look really good last night.

In my opinion he is the best pitcher in baseball. He has been Mr. Consistently Great. The innings he gives, the winning % vs. his team, the low ERAs he posts year in and year out.

And after four starts, Roy Halladay’s ERA+ is 554.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up winning between 25-30 games, particularly in the NL. had a great article about this at the beginning of the season. Don’t forget that .497 record happened with Halladay. The Jays’ record with other pitchers over that stretch is even uglier.

The Dodgers, as a team, are hitting .315. That’s 19 points higher than any other team in the majors. Unfortunately, their ERA of 5.37 is 26th in the majors. This is why they’re only a .500 ball club right now.

Last night’s game was just more of the same. They gave up six runs, but they scored 14 on 18 base hits, including going 11-17 with runners in scoring position. Ronald Bellisario made his '10 debut out of the pen and looked decent. If Billingsley can get sharp and we can perhaps replace Padilla with a quality starter at some point…well, it’s fun to dream, anyway.

You’re welcome for Aaron Harang and his softballs last night. Tonight you face Mike Leake.

Is that supposed to be a good or a bad thing? I’ve never heard of him.

Wow, is Halladay a surgical monster or what!?
My beloved Braves aren’t doing too shabby and held their own pretty well against the best pitcher in all of baseball. Great defensive play by the Phillies, so congratulations to the world champions.

This is where I whine about the fact that the divisions that Atlanta plays in (in both football and baseball) include the reigning champs of both sports. :frowning:

If we win the series against the Phillies I will be happy.

I’m sure the New York Yankees will be rather surprised to learn that they’ve been moved to the NL East.

I don’t recall exactly how the state of play came to be; I kind of had the game on in the background and looked up and it was first and third, nobody out, infield in. I immediately thought-take second on defensive indifference, execute some variant of squeeze play (with the trailing runner advancing as well) and even if it doesn’t work the first time, send the bunter (now on first) to second on DI and do it all again, maybe a suicide version the second go around.

I’ve been scouring the net for numbers (almost everything is for 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd sac bunts) but I finally found this-

-from here. (about 7/8’s down the page, below three bullet points.)

I know with the infield in the odds were good that Cardinals would score swinging away-it was a fluke that they didn’t-but it certainly looks like it would have been even flukier if they’d attempted at least one bunt and not scored/won.

Of course the Mets never reinstated the force via IBB right away either (eventually doing so to pitch around Pujols) which would mitigate the squeeze by bringing the X-2-3 DP into play.

Seems like both managers missed the boat here.

Gah, I got called away at work and couldn’t finish this thought. That depends. He’s the fifth starter on the Reds. His ERA is 2.6 (although thus early in the season I don’t know what that means). He’s had two no decisions. He has more walks than hits allowed. It could be good for the Reds or good for you.

Fun fact: The Reds starting pitchers haven’t recorded a win yet this season.


I was half-paying attention last night when the Dodger announcers said that, and I assumed I had misheard or they’d made a mistake. Yow.

That is probably because he is rookie who didn’t throw a single inning of minor league ball.

From what little I’ve seen of him, when his control is on, he’s quite good. Of course, that’s true for all pitchers!

What I mean is that he doesn’t have overpowering stuff, he’s a location pitcher that relies on accuracy more than anything.

With his walks/hits ratio, I suspect he’s pitching away from contact as much as possible. Still, he’s one of the few Reds starters that has actually topped 7 innings at least once this season.

The Reds bullpen is really good, but by July, their arms will be noodles if the starters can’t get their shit together.