MLB Hot Stove / Offseason / Lockout 2021-2022

Coincidentally, “17” is also the number of kilograms of cocaine Hernandez did every season.

If they are gonna retire Hernandez number, I wonder if Gary Carter will be next.

Why not Gooden and Strawberry? Sure they had issues, but they were two of the greatest Mets of all time.

I think I can guess what one difference is.

Yeah, they’re tainted by being ex-Yankees.


Keith was much shorter than those two guys.

I’m guessing they’ll get to Doc and Darryl, probably in that order, but why do it all at once when you can spread it out and charge extra for three games instead of just one :grin: Hernandez going first is reasonable, since he’s stayed more or less with the franchise as a broadcaster in the intervening years.

David Wright is a rare bird: a lifetime Met.

Have they retired Bill Buckner’s number yet?

Francisco Liriano announced his retirement.

Didn’t realize Liriano was still playing. And looking at his baseball reference page, it appears he was not. Last in the league in 2019. Had a couple decent years early in his career and was a remarkably average pitcher for the next decade.

Former Cub/Yankee/Marlins/Brewers pitcher Sergio Mitre was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the murder and rape (yes, that blurred word is what you think it is, hence the blurring) of his girlfriend’s 19 month old daughter.

Well, that’s the baseball news I didn’t need today.

Any movement on the negotiations at all?

This ESPN article from today lays out where things stand:

  • The two sides met via Zoom on January 13th (the first meeting since the lockout), and are supposed to be meeting face-to-face today
  • The league made an initial offer at that meeting on the 13th; it’s expected that the union will present their counter-offer today