Monthly Photo Competition #19 – June, 2024 – “Night”

This is the monthly thread for June, 2024. The topic this month is “Night”, chosen by @aurora_maire.

Please note:

The general rules for the competition are here.

One entry per person per month . To make the photos easier to review please only post just once to this thread, with your entry. Your post can include a caption with whatever info you want to give.

Please keep all discussion in the rolling discussion thread.

Once the submission deadline has passed, I’ll put a voting poll in this thread.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 26, 11:45 pm US EDT

Good luck!


Night life on Coney Island in the summer:

Central Park at night after a light snowfall.


Nothing says night time to me more than a candle


Maple In Snow
Going to have to take down this 100+ year old maple this summer, she’s been dead for 2 years now, and is too close to the house to risk sub-trunks coming down. I has a sad :frowning_face:

Not to step on @Dogginit’s toes, but here’s another maple tree, this time on a very foggy night with the streetlight adding some subtle rays.

Galveston Pleasure Pier:



Self-portrait by moonlight with laser pointer:

Coming home late on Friday.

Twilight parade small town next door.

I made a video but it’s not dl from the cloud so this is a screen grab.