More evidence that not all cops are decent people

Agreed. If I was in charge, I’d want things to be the exact opposite: any public servant involved in creating or enforcing the law would face greater penalties than the general populace if they break the law. If not for the impracticalities involved, I’d want any cop that abuses his authority like this to end up in front of a firing squad.

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James Brown? I guess he could be a philosopher. He did tell me to ‘Say it Loud’ and I’ve been doing that for 20 years.

I try not to say too much in these threads because I admit I’m fucked up about the subject and therefore can’t discuss it without bias. I’ve seen too many bad cops and not enough good ones to be fair to the subject.

But I do want to say that the one thing that really gets to me is how they so often seem to be supported by their superiors even when it is obvious they are caught red handed doing wrong. That is just ugly to see them say they felt the cops did the right thing when it is crystal clear that they didn’t.

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The fundamental problem is law enforcement tends to self-select these sorts of people. People who WANT that kind of authority and power are probably more likely than others to have any number of issues that can cause them to abuse their power under certain circumstances. Hell, just a week or two ago I heard a huge commotion outside my door, and just stepping out to see what it was, and not saying a thing, the cops immediately started making threats at me from just watching them abuse their power.

I really don’t even think it needs to be such a problem, but when we have more cops than we need, because so many are busy enforcing silly traffic laws with speed traps and parking tickets, they have to either relax the methodology for screening or the standards themselves to make sure they have enough cops. Thus, we end up with more of those asshole types who ought to be weeded out in the hiring process, or at some point soon thereafter, and it just perpetuates the cycle.

Anyone in authority should be held to a hire standard, and the people of that community should be absolutely outraged until they’re fired and charges are filed. And, in general, people should be raising a ruckus when they hear about corruption and such in their own districts precisely because they’re overhiring so they can continue to fulfill unneeded duties with the sole purpose of raising revenue and not saving or protecting lives.

So, yeah, seriously messed up situation there in the OP.

Wow. You *so *don’t know what I’m thinking. To the first assumption: Who in the hell thinks all cops are decent people? Nice strawman. It serves to realize that all cops come from the same pool of people firemen, teachers, politicians, retail clerks, accountants, bankers, lawyers, postal carriers, doctors, nurses, orderlies, janitors, ad infinitum, come from. It also serves to realize that there are plenty of not-so-decent people in that vast pool who take certain jobs not out of a sense of duty or altruism, but for power and/or prestige. So, what I’m really thinking of is: Just how tricked out is that rock you appear to be living under?

As to the second assumption: apparently, **gonzomax **has a much better grasp of what I’m thinking than you do, but thanks for playing.

I just wish he’d have been more specific about his intended audience. Would’ve saved me getting a whooole lot of strange looks over the years.

My Godfather also said, “Get up offa that thing” and let me tell you, there is precious little better advice for long-term living in health.

The officers should be dismissed from the force and prosecuted for assault. In addition to the harm they caused to the victim, they have brought the administration of justice into disrepute.


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Don’t know where I can find an article on it but there was an incident in Australia which resulted in a cop being fired for three counts of abuse and subsequently sued by his victims. Thing is, the cop has declared bankruptcy so he doesn’t have to pay a cent; his former employers do.

One of my good friends at work is a former cop, former prosecutor, now defense attorney. Not only is he one of the best defense attorneys you can get (because damn, he knows the system inside and out) but he has the world’s best stories about the rampant corruption within.

Essentially its the same thread re-started restated over and over again. Take one incident which may or may not be a complete case of Police Tooletry… and then add your personal assumptions (not everyone of course) of how your feel about the people in uniform. Quite frequently you are forced to make snap judgements and the only thing I teach when I train is if you made a mistake be man or woman enough to go to the person afterwards explain why you did what you did and apologize if you are in the wrong. From what I saw in the video the officer took a guy down. I really wasn’t able to see or ascertain anymore. The curt initial response was because for certain posters… this is one more log for their “facist column”.
Ironically enough I’m really considered the outsider in my profession with my views… the way I handle my calls/incidents and I can proudly say in over 10 yrs I have never received on use of force complaints. But I have worked nightclubs… and let me tell you thats an experience within itself. Young men of all races, testosterone… and alcohol, young women around to attempt to impress… its truly not something you are getting over at 35 bucks and hour.
Something to add Hendo… look put your money or keyboard where your mouth is… everyone is busy… you might had two kids like I do. I suggest that you go to your local pd and sign up and take a ride along for a Friday/Saturday night. In fact I suggest this for everyone. And this isn’t for some “whoa is us” Police Story Vic Morrow type shit… because YOU fucking pay for the dept… so go in… take a ride along and see what they’re doing with your money. There… No James Brown…

Two things:

  1. My stepfather, the guy who’s been married to my mother for over 20 years, is a retired cop. Retired at the grade of Inspector, meaning that he had pretty large numbers of police under his command. Good guy, and by all accounts a good cop. I’m well aware of what police do, and i respect the dangers and the difficulty associated with the job.

  2. There is nothing that i could possibly see on a Friday-Saturday ride-along that would excuse what happened in that video, or that would convince me that the officer involved should not be fired. Nor would a ride-along with one squad car chance my opinion about the problems associated with police corruption, and the need for departments to fire rather than protect dirty cops. Just because police do a tough and dangerous job does not excuse incidents in which they overstep their authority, act like bullies, and participate in cover-ups.

Ahh, I see now. ChicagoJeff is a cop… who sees nothing wrong with what took place in the video. What a surprise.

And the best you got is to cry “woe is us! It’s a dangerous job!”.

Well, if you can’t be a fucking professional because you’re so damn terrified of your job, then you’re not fit to be a cop.

It’s unfortunate that the beat-down victim isn’t black; Al & Jesse would be all over it.

Would their being “all over it” make the cop any more right or the issue non-existent?

In other words, what’s your fucking point?

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Nope. The cop was wrong.

My point is that I don’t believe the victim has any celebrities holding press conferences, arranging legal representation, calling for inquiries and firings and expressing general outrage on his behalf.