More sovereign citizen goodness

My post back on page 3 (post #150) has a video of a black sovereign citizen in Oakland. I admit, i was actually rather surprised that any blacks were part of this movement.

If Sovereign Citizens are not US citizens, can we DEPORT THEM?

There was also this guy from Ohio in the news a few years ago.

Yes, where is Sovereignia?

I was going to ask “Where to?”, but then it came to me that since they are just a bunch of lunies it only makes sense they be shipped off to the moon.

This is always my go-to response for any question of where people should be exiled to, may as well send the SovCits there too.

There’s a fair number I understand; which is ironic as it more-or-less started as a racist conspiracy theory/movement.

Nice. Then set up an exclusion zone so nobody bothers the little dears. I wonder how much France would be asking for the place?

Just about anything people don’t like is called “racist” these days, it’s pathetic. Without regard to that if you watch the video of Ms. Gaines while she was pulled over for no tags or registration or whatever it was, it’s clear she had signed on to all the arguments. The police were very polite and patient, at least at that juncture. She is dead now.

What? Are you trying to claim that white supremacists aren’t racist? Posse Comitatus was definitely racist.

As an Ohio court noted awhile back:

Defendant is a citizen of this state unless and until he establishes residency in another state, or in another country. He is a citizen of the United States unless and until he undertakes those steps provided under federal law for revocation of citizenship, and, incidentally, subjects himself to deportation. Sections 1229 and 1481, Title 8, U.S.Code; see, also, Afroyim v. Rusk (1967), 387 U.S. 253. Clearly, defendant wishes to have his cake of citizenship and eat it too. He wishes to live in this state, drive on its roads, walk on its paths, be protected by its Constitution, laws, courts and officers, and enjoy all of its rights and blessings, while shirking its responsibilities — including the responsibility to pay his lawful debts. This is repugnant to both the letter and spirit of the law, and this the court will not permit him to do.

State v. Bob Manashian Painting, 121 Ohio Misc.2d 99, 2002-Ohio-7444.

No, no… to the Spratly islands.

Only if we pronounce it “croo-dights”.

Too pleasant. I would nominate the subantarctic Kerguelen Islands. Just the place for rugged individualists who don’t need society.

Which is exactly what I provided above. :smiley:

Hey, there’s (barely) edible native cabbage and some leftover goats and rabbits. I’m sure they’ll do fine.

I’m cheering for the goats.

Hopefully, they state that anyone resisting the authorities be turned over to the Inquisition for punishment by strappado or bastinado.

Sorry, I didn’t click every link.

Life there looks delightful.

Doubtful, given that Nueva España was under Castillian Law and there the Inquisition was always under Church control; it wasn’t an arm of the civilian authorities.

But it is possible that a woman will not be able to declare in court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, on her age, marriage status, etc., she will be able to do so or not. Oh, and if she’s divorced and remarried? That’s bigamy.

Take one part Moorish Science and one part Sovereign Citizen Movement and you’ve got Moorish Law.