I transferred here from a community college so the bulk of my courses had to be in the major. I’m undedided now about the minor because that will require being here as an undergrad a tad longer than I intended.

Did any of them have thorns?

In addition to being undedided (whatever that may be), I’m also undecided on the issue.

Hey, I’ve had those!

Tasty, but I got pesky particles all down my shirtfront.

Uh oh… I just realized that we have so far FAILED to properly define morpheme.

A morpheme is not defined phonologically, but syntactically.

So, there exists in English the morpheme NOUN PLURAL

Which is realized in various ways, such as /s/, /z/, /iz/, and all of the fun Latin, Greek, etc. variants.

Sattua: Isn’t that just another example & what I provided above the definition?

No… I get something from my definition that I didn’t get from yours. Viva different learning styles, I guess. I didn’t see that the posts before mine made it clear that /s/, /z/, /iz/, as well as rare variants like the OE /en/ (ox, oxen) are all ONE morpheme, and not different ones.