Most depressingest album ever?

I like Animals, I just think it’s a dark album. (And the best song is Pigs!):slight_smile:

Velvet Underground- The Velvet Underground

If only for “Pale Blue Eyes” and “After Hours.”

2nd choice

The Replacements- Tim

“Left of the Dial”, “Bastards of Young”, “Here Comes a Regular.”

I think Time slugs it out with Dogs -which starts out quite perky- and finishes with a sort of Rog’ Water’s list of life failures…

fitted with collar and chain
only a stranger at home
found dead on the phone
dragged down by the stone

The subject of the song (a man not a dog) is also ‘all alone and dying of cancer’ whee hee!

Album not to hand may have misquoted.

And there’s always Nick Drake…

Anything featuring Gustav Mahler’s “Der Kindertotenlieder” (Songs on the Death of Children).

I’d nominate folksinger Iris Dement’s My Life, an album that caused my mild mannered mother to demand, “Can’t this woman write any fucking happy songs?”

Alot of Floyd is depressing, but I have to agree that I don’t find DsotM that depressing. It just doesn’t have that feel. Wish You were Here though, I find to be extremely depressing.

The Who’s The Who by Numbers is a very dark album, dealing with Pete Townshend’s demons.

I’ll also throw out:

The Cure Disintegration (can’t believe this isn’t mentioned yet)

Anything Box Worth

Gracious Shades Aberkash

Another vote for The Cure’s Disintegration.

Also, Jeff Buckley’s Sketches for Sweetheart the Drunk, the album that went unfinished because of his death.

Tom Waits’ Heart of Saturday Night strikes a drunken, melancholy chord, as do most of his early albums.

The closest I’ve ever felt to suicidal was after one of my friends made us listen to an entire James Taylor cd on a road trip. I just wanted to steer us into an oncoming 18-wheeler.

With a funereal nod at Joy Division’s Closer, I nominate Nick Drake’s Pink Moon.

Lady in Satin, by Billie Holiday.

You can hear the life just evaporating out of her. She’d be dead the following year, IIRC.

Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen is worth a mention.

Neither can I. We’re getting warmer (or colder, if you will :p)…

I’d like to see “Kindertotenlieder” packaged with Mussorgsky’s “Songs and Dances of Death” and Strauss’ “Death and Transfiguration.” Picture it: “The Most Depressing Classical Album. . . Ever!”

I’ve heard that Evoken’s Quietus is quite depressing.

Yeah, I thought of Disintegration, but it has, well, at least one upbeat song that I can think of off the toppa. “Lovesong” is, while not entirely positive in its outlook on life, at least not as bad as, say, “Lady Day” off of Berlin. Yeah, Closer is a good suggestion, but I prefer Unknown Pleasures, just because I love the song “New Dawn Fades.” Of course, for most depressingest song of all time, I’d recommend “Atmosphere” by Joy Division.

Tull’s A Passion Play. Mainly I was just depressed that I bought it.

I agree entirely, which is why I mentioned it before…

Sorry, just had to be a wiseass on this one… :slight_smile:

The Cure - Pornography
Joy Division - Closer
Tori Amos - Boys for Pele
The Smiths - Meat is Murder

Through the Trees - The Handsome Family
Damaged - Black Flag
Nick Cave - Kicking Against the Pricks

and further nods to the aforementioned
Joy Division - Closer
Tom Waits - Heart of Saturday Night

And although I really like the Velvet Underground and Replacements albums mentioned… I don’t actually find them depressing. Sure, some of the songs are pretty melancholy, but the entire albums all that dismal.