Most notable bespectacled athletes

Sean Doolittle, standout relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals, wears prescription glasses.

Apropos of nothing, he is a big sci-fi and fantasy reader and tweets about independent bookstores he finds while traveling for games.

Well, he was a decent reliever but not this season and he’s probably no longer with the Nats, he’s testing free agency.

Dom DiMaggio, The Little Professor.

The Hanson brothers

Little factoid about the Hanson Brothers… They were actually the inspiration for the Sutter Brothers.

The movie left an indelible mark on Ma & PA Sutter.

One of the top five alltime NHL coaches, Al Arbour, in his playing days, looked pretty sharp with the ol’ specs on.
Even fought with them! :slightly_smiling_face:
Tom Henke
Bobby Riggs been mentioned?