Movie sequels that, for a wonder, didn't suck

IMHO, The Black Stallion Returns was superior to the original. Oh sure, The Black Stallion was pretty to look at, but I’ve always preferred its sequel. It’s all fantasy, but the second one makes the fantasy seem more plausible.

Well, I didn’t think it sucked, but i also don’t think the words “superhero” and “angst” belong together.

Many don’t remember the series of unendingly bad Marvel movies from the past before the recent X-men. And Marvel hasn’t done all that well since-
Spidey I= v.good,
XmenII- not as good as I
Hulk- a kids flick
Daredevil- Jennifer Garner in leather almost saved this film. :wink: Almost. :frowning:
Punisher- “not as bad as the first one with Dolph” eh. :rolleyes:
Spidey II- Wow- lots of angst! Lots of our hero making cow eyes! Umm- wheres the heroics? Right- one climatic battle… :rolleyes:

House II- way better than House I. “I” being a cheap horror film, II being a parody/horror/comedy/adventure thing that was suprisingly good.

Damn, well I guess I gotta give you credit for sharing an unpopular opinion. I don’t think Temple of Doom was utterly horrid, but you thought it was better than Raiders of the Lost Ark? Temple had some clever stunts and a few cool images, but it lacked the perfect pacing and general charm of Raiders. Add the grating “cute kid” character and the incredibly annoying presence of Kate Capshaw, and you a have movie best enjoyed by searching to the good parts rather than watching it in its entirety.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

(cough) you’re crazy (cough)

You have heard of Batman, haven’t you? Or, for that matter, Gilgamesh? The angst-ridden superhero is as old an archetype as the superhero as such.

Whatever it was that drove Batman, it wasn’t angst. He knew what he wanted - vengeance - and he went after it.

Yeah, well, that would actually make the guilt-ridden Spiderman a much healthier personality by comparison, wouldn’t it?

Healthier, sure, but a far less forceful personality.

At least, I think that’s the bone being picked with puny Parker. Outside the costume, in the comics, Peter’s always been a dishrag. Overcome by indecision, guilt, etc. … in other words, angst.

Batman, as pointed out, knows exactly what he wants to do. He’s driven. He’s decisive. He knows what’s right and wrong, and with few exceptions here and there, just does it.

Obviously, each character has some moments where they reverse type, but for the most part, Spidey’s the worry-wart, and Batman’s the dark avenger.

That’s the Marvel way from way back. The DC icons are pre-adolescent power fantasies. Superman and Batman, in their own ways, can conquer and obstacle, do anything.

Marvel, OTOH, is about adolescent angst. Spidey’s problems and doubts, the alienation of the X-Men. Peter’s tribulation are one step away from being “passion of the Spider-Man”. It sucks to be a Marvel hero like it sucks to be a teen. In recent years, Marvel has mellowed a bit while DC became more nuanced, but they both still carry these at teh core of their characters beings.

IMHO, Raimi nailed the style and feel of 60’s/70’s Spider-Man. I’m not sure if its the best Superhero film, but it’s certainy the best Supers comic adaption I’ve yet seen.