Movie so bad you had to keep watching

The “Sharknado” series did the same thing, and also added plenty of 1980s musicians.

My favorite moment in all the ones I’ve seen was in “Sharknado 2”, when ZZ Top were extras in a panicked subway scene.

I have seen both Tusk and Yoga Hosers from start to finish. Tusk was a strange but effective body horror film. Yoga Hosers was mostly garbage but Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters are close friends in real life so they are the one part of the movie that works well.

I have also seen Big Money Hustlas and Big Money Rustlas which are movies brought to us courtesy of the Insane Clown Posse. The first one is so bad that at one point they utterly demolish the fourth wall with a scene where the crew is begging the cast to stop fucking around and this super-cringe scene is just left in the final product.

Is that the one where Wil Wheaton got eaten by a shark while on an airplane? (Fun fact: the screaming woman next to him was the actual Mrs Wheaton.)