Movies where you notice the a good way

I thought of these two right away, and also Boogie Nights hands down.

28 Days Later has a great soundtrack.

Eddie Vedder’s score for Into the Wild is wonderful. Put that together with the cinematography, and the movie is worth watching regardless of the plot.

If you like this music, I would point you to the movie Primer (link to rotten tomatoes where it gets a 72% Fresh rating). It’s an indie sci-fi thriller that was made for no money and won an award at Sundance. The writer/director/star, Shane Carruth, also scored it. Just amazing music - simple, but fits the plot beautifully and has an atmospheric, tech feel…

I can’t recommend this film highly enough.

Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream is beautiful, slow, and mournful, perfect for the movie. It’s so awesome it’s been used in loads of other movies and trailers. Notably, in this Two Towers trailer, remixed to make a driving action theme.

Let me second you, since I do everything I can to let people know about this film. It’s in my Top 10.

Well, it’s got a great couple of bars of music… that are repeated endlessly not only in this movie but in the sequel as well.

Gotta admit, they do what they aim to do and do it well.

The great thing about the famous music in ROCKY is that it swells right as the champ drops him with a flurry of punches and Adrian can’t bear to look and Mickey starts telling him to stay down. I mean, sure, pairing GONNA FLY NOW with the training montage is a classic because it’s so obvious, but the reverse works equally well.

I think Beauty and the Beast has the best score I’ve heard in any Disney movie. It’s one of the few, imho, that’s worth listening to in its own right.

Seconding all the Lord of the Rings scores, and adding in the scores from the Pirates of the Caribbean, plus the music from the various Harry Potter films, particularly how they took the opening sequence from the first film and evolved it from something light and airy and wondrous to something dark and grim and foreboding. And pretty much any score by John Williams …

When that movie came out, I was working at a classical music store. A costumer came in and all she could articulate was that she wanted “That Christamas music from Die-Hard.” It was before the soundtrack had been released and we could not convince her it was not really “Christmas music”.

My own favorites are Quigley Down Under and everything by Zoltan Korba.

There Will be Blood.

And I agree the whole Inception/Edith Piaf thing is cool.

That first crashing chord from John Williams’s original Star Wars score still does the trick:

I’d agree, but I liked that score better when it was on the *Gladiator *soundtrack.

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Similar, but not identical. I have both and love 'em both.

The music in The King’s Speech is, for the most part, a perfectly good movie score. Nothing to write home about.

BUT, when he begins the crucial speech, Beethoven’s Seventh starts to play, softly at first, and becoming louder as the King gains confidence that he can actually pull this thing off.

An absolutely marvelous scene, and a great use of music to underscore and define the on screen action.

Claire de Lune playing over the scene in Ocean’s 11 after they have successfully pulled off the heist and they’re watching the fountains before going their separate ways.

Apart from Ode to Joy, I also love the Death March of Queen Mary play on the Moog synthesiser in that movie…

The theme from Get Carter, an English gangster movie starring Michael Caine, once heard never forgotten.

And also the music to a sort of visual documentary with a name I can’t remember or pronounce but is the Navaho word for chaos.

Also themes from Superman and Star Wars.

Probably you are thinking of Koyaanisquatsi, scored by Philip Glass.