Movies You've Liked That No One Else Has Ever Seen

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I know some people have seen it, but many people confuse it with a cute Disney film. This is not a cute Disney film.

That’s the movie I came in here to mention! What a great movie.


Daddy’s Dyin’… Who’s Got the Will? is one of my mother’s favorite movies. She’s made us all watch it, so with you that makes at least 5 people who’ve seen it :smiley:

I thought Heavy was depressing as well. Less than 100 people have ranked Life in the Fastlane, and apparently the majority of them don’t like surealist comedy given it’s low score :frowning: People who can’t laugh at trying to get rid of a talking body are too humorless for my tastes. Too few people have watched Nemesis Game too.

Ah, yes, I saw this one. It’s about a group of medieval villagers who go on a quest to rid their village of the Black Plague and end up in a modern city. There isn’t any time machine or alien force involved; they just dig a tunnel through the earth that comes out in modern-day New Zealand.

Although at the end, it’s revealed that none of this actually happened; it was just a vision the boy had. The village is still delivered from the plague, except for the boy who dies from it.

An Everlasting Piece

Funny, quirky, original, and poingiant. It’s hard to do the Ireland issue in a creative way, and this movie manages to do so.

I can understand that it isn’t for everyone. Harborwolf hates it. If I even mention wanting to watch it, he makes a face.

Rustler’s Rhapsody - Starring Tom Berenger, Marilu Henner and Andy Griffith!

Up The Creek! - A Porky’s/Animal House ripoff starring memebers of both movies, about a collegiate raft race. Amazingly well-written. Quite funny.

Adam at Six a.m., starring Michael Douglas. Disillusioned college professor chucks it all for life in Smalltown U.S.A. Works on a road crew, meets the former hometown queen, slowly realizes that a vanilla life is even less appealing.

Fairly raw production qualities, but had something to say.

Few people, period have heard of it:

Neco z Alenky (Alice)

Know several people who know them online, but not IRL:

Robot Carnival, Night on the Galactic Railroad. Both relatively old, from back before Everybody loved anime, and so only people who’ve been anime fans for a while tend to know them.

Plunkett & Macleane. A highwayman flick with an intriguing mix of historical accuracy and modern punking up, especially notable for the soundtrack by the Tiger Lillies and Alan Cumming’s droll appearance as Lord Rochester, a century or two out of his time but still amusing libertine.

Repo Man-
Emilio Estevez learning the ropes of repoing cars from Harry Dean Stanton. A 64 Chevy Malibu with an alien (not of this earth type, rather than illegal) in the trunk adds to the fun. All sorts of sight gags, and satirical takes on our society.

If you have lioved through the 70’s, then you will appreiciate this satire of all that was goofy from that period. Laffed my ass off. Christopher Lee as Skull, the leader of a gay biker gang is a scream.

Who do YOU hang out with? In my circle back in high school, you weren’t allowed to show your face until you HAD seen Repo Man!

I worked at the Bose plant about fifteen years ago, and this movie was the hands down favorite of everyone in my department.

I’ve seen it. It’s been on my Amazon wish list for years, but no one ever buys it for me. :smiley:

Full frontal Tilda Swinton! Woo woo!

The Believer and The Slaughter Rule

Intense, thought-provoking stories that are well written and acted, and the lead, Ryan Gosling, is gorgeous and one of the best upcoming actors I’ve seen recently.

Both available at Netflix.

Was The Believer the one with the Jewish kid, et cetera and so forth? Meh.

“Meh” is so vague. Can you be more specific?

Heh, sorry about that. Assuming we are talking about the same movie, I was underwhelmed. It looked like an interesting premise, but the movie felt too much like an afterschool special to me. (Well, except for they are humping like rabbits.)

Too preachy, and too predictable. Of course, it gets points for having Billy Zane in it.

As for little-seen movies, how about The Way of the Gun? I had no idea what this one was about, and Bestbuy had it for $4.99, so what the hell, right? Damn, what a good movie. Granted, it might have been a major blockbuster, and I was just gone while it was in the theaters, but I don’t hear much about this one.

How could they tell the difference between 1980’s Auckland and a medieval village?

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same movie, because I don’t remember an inordinate amount of sex, and, well, I usually pay attention to that sort of thing. :smiley:

I thought Gosling’s acting was superb.

Haven’t seen it, but if it has Benecio in it, I’m all over it. LOVE that guy, though I don’t care much for James Caan.