Movies you've seen recently

I actually liked Kill Chain an awful lot. I thought it had good dialogue and and pacing. Kept my interest throughout.

Finally saw this one. Had to wait for my youngest daughter as she also wanted to see it.
Your review nailed it. Worth watching. Fun and exciting in places but odd in others. As if two people
directed and then mashed it together.

Stellar cast largely wasted.

THE ICE ROAD (2021) Holy crap Liam Neesons, do you need money this badly?


COSMIC SIN (2021) Holy S#!T Bruce Willis are you OK? I can send you a few dollars. Do you need a friend. A place to stay? Did Demi take that much from you?

Watch “The Grey” and get back to me.

For some reason that remains unclear to me I rewatched Jack Reacher, with 5’1" Cruise trying to be 6’6" badass Reacher. Funniest line in the film is when the cops ask the motel desk clerk if there is anyone in the hotel that could kill someone with one punch. “The guy in 1102. . .you’ll see.” Then there’s Rosamund Pike, who seems to make her living out of looking frightened and having heaving breasts. And Robert Duvall should have retired before having anything to do with this thing. His dialog sounded ad-libbed, and not in a good way. And then there’s the meme of every woman who sees Cruise falling into a swoon.

THE GREY was a good movie, but that was 10 years ago. Not sure of your point?

THE MUMMY (2017)

The Tom Cruise one. Never saw this before. Maybe my expectations were lowered enough by bad reviews, but I thought it wasn’t that bad.

That film was supposed to kick off a new franchise, one based on the old Universal Pictures monster movies that featured Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, and so forth. But this film’s poor performance ended those plans.

I thought it was a terrible movie, full of inaccuracies about the oil camps and the geography of Alaska, not to mention a stupid plot. Clearly we don’t agree on it, though.

I guess my ignorance of these things clouded my thinking. I thought it was good, not great. If I saw it now I might have a different opinion.

I’m just picky about depictions of Alaska that aren’t accurate. It’s almost impossible for me to just watch a movie and disregard those sorts of things. It’s probably a decently entertaining film, but I was taken out of it early on.

What were some of the inaccuracies?

Alcohol is not allowed at the oil camps, so the bar scenes were nonsense. The landscape north of Atigun Pass is completely treeless, so the scenes of them hiking into forest just couldn’t happen. Wolves don’t behave as depicted. Yeah, I know it’s picky, but it bothers me.

I also thought it was pretty good, but it fails the “is this better than 1999 Mummy” test. I did like the movie though.

I think it’s common when a film portrays an area we’re familiar with or a job one knows to notice all of the minor (or not so minor) stuff they get wrong.

The Brendan Fraser MUMMY was a lot more fun, for sure. I did like the little easter egg nod to it in the Tom Cruise version, tho.

I wonder which character was to be used next?

Was Tom Cruise to be in all?

You mean like here?

Kind of like Tony Stark showing up in multiple Marvel movies. He would pop up throughout and eventually, they’d all make a movie together.