Movies you've seen recently

It was Russel Crowe’s Jekyll and Hide.

Here was the picture they took for it.


The Eternal Zero (2013) - 6/10

It’s a Japanese film that alternates between the present and various points in WWII as a couple of grandchildren try to piece together a narrative about the biological grandfather they just learned about at the beginning of the movie. It took too long to get anywhere and it wasn’t nearly interesting enough to be worth it when it got there, was too disjointed for me to feel engaged with either timeline, managed to be both too long and too short (too many scenes that went on for longer than necessary to convey not much in the way of information or emotion), and to top it off it smacked of militarist apologetics. What could have been a powerful anti war film became nothing more than a “Hey, remember that time when brave men fought a war against the US? It really is too bad so many of those men died.” There is no sense within the narrative that the war was wrong to fight, only that it was fought wrong. Big difference.

Too funny.

I’m just finishing up 13 Hours, a movie about the attacks in Ben Ghazi and the killing of the ambassador. While the movie generated some arguments about historical accuracy, it’s a pretty good action film. I was particularly impressed with the battle depictions, especially the controlled firing of weapons. In the military, you’re taught to pick your targets and use short bursts of 3-5 rounds when possible, rather than “spray and pray” firing. They also talked about overlapping fields of fire, and the military jargon was very accurate.

Too funny, I feel the same and watched it last night as well just because it was on.

The Shawshank Redemption is a perfectly good movie, but I just can’t understand the rapturous adulation heaped upon it. If I stumbled across it now while channel-surfing, I’d keep going with hardly a pause. To each their own, but once was enough for me.

That’s fair, I’m not sure I’d heap adulation on it, I would say it’s just watchable. In the way that The Office isn’t even close to the best show on television and yet I’ll have it on in the background on tv with the commercials even though I have all the episodes on Netflix. That there is an entire channel dedicated to showing marathons of that show tells me I’m not alone.

I wasn’t picking on you, Sitnam, or certainly didn’t mean to. But I know several people, including a non-Doper best friend, who go on and on about the movie, and I just don’t get it.

I saw the recent re-make of The Magnificent Seven over the weekend. It was OK, but I’ll stil take the original. or, better still, Kurasawa’s Seven Samurai. It was apparently James Horner’s last film score, and you could see he was trying to homage the original Elmer Bernstein score, but the Bernstein score is one of my all-time favorite movie themes, and there’s no replacing that

Fear Street is a trilogy with each movie released a week apart on Netflix.

Fear Street 1994
Fear Street 1978
Fear Street 1666

They are based on RL Stines novels, but are more of a Stranger Things type homage to various horror movie genres.

1994 - Scream
1978 - Friday the 13th
1666 - The Witch

The main cast members are teenagers and in some cases play different characters in different movies.

They’re not going to win any sorts of awards, but if you like horror movies then they are fun.

I LOVED this movie. It was great fun.

Yes, Cruise was far too small the play the book character, but if you forget about the book character and suspend disbelief…

I think it was supposed to be a parody…the name of the auto parts store was DeFault Auto.

I saw all three and would agree. Fun, but nothing too amazing.

Why did they make R-movies from a kids series of books?

BLOOD RED SKY (2021) NETFLIX. Vampires on a plane. I liked it. Lots of blood and action.

FREAKY (2021) HBOmax. Serial killer, teenage girl body swap movie. I thought it was fun.

Vince Vaughn is pretty funny acting like a teenage girl.

I agree with you. What I hated was when they left the airplane wreckage. People search for wreckage, not all over hell looking for idiots that left the only shelter and thing that anybody is going to look for.

Dumb movie.

I almost started a thread about this series (and still might if there’s any interest). I can’t say I “liked” these, though I did sit through them. Mostly just watched for something to do and to discuss it with the person who recommended it.

I was very distracted by constantly wondering who the target audience is supposed to be. Is Stine YA? I thought he was more for the tween market(?) Or maybe those are overlapping groups(?) Either way, this was definitely R level violence / gore.
And, was it supposed to be horror comedy? It was inane enough, yet seemed to be an earnest attempt at horror.

Cell - A not very good Stephen King book becomes a truly awful movie. How dare you waste John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson! Did I miss something or were there actually three endings – all lousy? Avoid like the plague.

A Quiet Place - I enjoyed it, but not sure if I will on 2nd viewing. At least it seemed original.

A Quiet Place 2 - Don’t bother.

Anything for Jackson - streams on Shudder

Gist: A surprisingly good and well made horror movie.

A lovely older couple kidnap a pregnant woman so they can put their dead grandchild’s(“Jackson”) soul insider her unborn child’s body, resurrecting the grandchild. They legit seem like the nicest people who just happen to be doing a horrible thing to resurrect a child they loved.

Very well acted and made all around. Worth a watch for sure!