Movies you've seen recently

Antebellum - I’d been interested in seeing this since it came out. A great premise that kind of missed the mark upon execution. It switches perspectives between a modern day, successful black woman and that same woman as a slave on a plantation. Very hard to watch some of the brutality against the slaves. Not much easier to watch Gabourey Sidibe (whom I usually like a lot) as the obnoxious friend of the main character.
To be honest, I’m not sure if I recommend it or not. The conclusion isn’t really enough to balance the ugliness you have to sit through.

Watched “There Will Be Blood”, last night. Excellent movie and virtually every scene is filled with a kind of gnawing dread.

Over the weekend watched:

The Voyeurs - Amazon Prime - decent twisty plot film, too hasty of a wrap up of ends at the finish.

Things Heard & Seen - Netflix - supernatural horror film - not that scary.

Jay Bauman from Redlettermedia said(spoilers for the movie below):

Since James Wan directed Aquaman, Malignant could have been a VERY cool way to introduce Two-Face to their cinematic universe. Talk about a new direction for the character! Would have been a very interesting villain origin story.

I had the unfortunate honor of watching Home Alone 3 the other night. It’s not a direct sequel to the first two, the characters and events aren’t even indirectly referenced. It’s like a KidzBop cover version of the original, but it’s in a medley with Rear Window and a McGuffin-in-the-teddy-bear song.

Still, there are plenty of laughs with silly physical comedy, which is sprinkled throughout instead of concentrated in the third act. The new kid is much more likeable than Kevin McAllister. My four-year-old doesn’t care about eye-rolling plot contrivances; he was in hysterics.

If you are curious, here are the redlettermedia guys watching Home Alone 4 with Maccauley Culkin. It’s pretty fun.

Watched Paw Patrol The Movie.

Why yes, I do have numerous young grandchildren. Thanks for asking.

The reclining seats were excellent and not too many explosions. It (the movie) was fine according to the entranced reviewers.

For no good reason, I watched Stargate. What an awful movie. Kurt Russell looked like he wanted to shoot himself through the whole mess.

It is truly terrible. I used to like it back when it was fresh, but my wife and I watched it at one point over the past few years and it is embarrassing.

I remember giggling when that big deep dubbed voice came out of delicate Jay Davidson.

I kinda sorta liked it at the time, but it was no masterpiece of Western cinema. I was surprised when they built a whole franchise out of it.

Watched Never Surrender, the Galaxy Quest documentary various others have mentioned. It was all kinds of warm fuzzies, and the couple who were Thermian cosplayers were freaking adorable. Also, hearing about some of the other casting choices they considered and how it would have affected the film was quite interesting.

I just watched Godzilla vs. King Kong (or vice versa) on the seat back video screen on the plane. Wife asked if I needed to borrow a set of ear phones to hear. I said, “Not needed. The dialogue will just get in the way of destroying Hong Kong.” The guy in the aisle seat busted up hearing that. I missed absolutely nothing of interest.

Whaaaaaaat I’ve never heard of this and I love Galaxy Quest. Is it streaming somewhere?

It is available on Prime, which is where I believe I watched it. It might be available elsewhere as well.


I saw it (Never Surrender, the Galaxy Quest documentary) via Apple TV and it might also be available on YouTube and other services.

Never Surrender streams on Prime, Hoopla(free with your library!), Kanopy, and History Vault.

Thanks! I’ll check it out

We watched this because of your post, and we quite enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to any fan of the original movie.

I also just looked it up and watched it. It was great! Thanks @Gyrate