Movies you've seen recently

Has she ever played a character worth watching?

I thought she was fine in Wonder Woman but maybe her acting style is better suited to “Fish out of water displaced royalty” where any awkwardness can be explained away by the premise. But I don’t think I’ve seen many other films with her to make a call.

I decided to see what all the fuss was about, and actually watched an MCU movie for the first time: Avengers - Infinity War.

(Not technically my first MCU movie … I’ve seen Iron Man I, Guardians I, and Thor:Ragnarok)

I have a few notes … :slight_smile:

It was funnier than I expected. “We have a Spider-Man and an Ant-Man?!” “When you talked about opening Wakanda to the world, I was thinking: Olympics. Maybe a Starbucks.”

The cast has gotten so unwieldy it destroys any narrative flow – here’s the Guardians and Thor. Meanwhile in Scotland, Wanda, Vision and – ta-dah!-- Captain America. Meanwhile in another part of the galaxy, Iron Man and Spider-Man. Meanwhile …

Do Capt America and Thor ever wear their iconic old-school costumes? Red white & blue, shield, cape…? Or is it all grunge, all the time?

Super-hero (and villains) powers have gotten virtually god-like. If Thanos, Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch can literally move mountains or alter reality, what’s Spider-Man supposed to do about it? Or a raccoon with a gun? Even Iron Man’s suit is like Inspector Gadget – he can produce any magical high-tech device any time he needs it.

Cap has some costume changes and amusing moments in earlier Cap-related films.

This actually comes up in a Spider-Man movie where Stark suggests that Parker be a “Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”, i.e. stick to foiling bank heists and rescuing people from burning buildings instead of trying to tackle major regional/global/galactic threats.

Anyway, you picked a tough movie to “start” with since you jumped into the climax without most of the build-up and the film sort of expects you to have been along for the ride up until now. So it’s nice that you largely enjoyed it anyway. I do agree that the final two films weren’t paced very well and had other issues stemming from the assumption that you’re watching the capstone and can pull from the previous decade of films. Also a bit of benefit of the doubt on the part of the viewer wanting to see how it all shakes out.

To each their own. I’ve posted several times before on the Dope that Liquid Sky is one of my all-time most-loathed movies, as it happens; I saw it once in college and that was more than enough.

Watched several on Netflix.

Avengement - silly, stoopid and ultra-violent revenge flick with Scott Adkins.

Moronic. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

And A Monster Calls. Cannot seem to link to it.

Very sad and moving tale of a Monster who appears to help a you boy through the impending death of his mother. My eyes were watering up through the entire second half.

Check it out: Dune (Film) Post-release thread (open spoilers from film)

I know about it. But I wanted to post in this thread.

Sure. I wasn’t criticizing.

Watched “Passing” on Netflix with Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson…it was interesting, but not really “good.”
While watching I thought “This has to be a first time director.”…and it was Rebecca Hall (who is an actress I really like) directing her first feature.

I thought it was awful. It felt like they cast it first, then just threw the script together on the fly, and they instructed the three stars to be as obnoxious and annoying as possible. In Ryan Reynolds’ case, they seem to have just told him to “be the most you that you can be!”

Well I liked it, for the reasons Crafter_Man mentions. It is what it is. And it’s managed a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, surprisingly.

The adaptation of Marin Marais for the soundtrack was fun too.

Agreed. It shamelessly stole lines and themes from various other movies. Utter schlock. But I was entertained.

I just saw Starcrash for the first time last night. I thought I knew “cheesy”, but that movie was Kraft Macaroni and Cheesy.

I could not think of the movie “Reprisal”, starring Bruce Willis, that I watched to about the half way point, because it was so gawdawful. BW played a pissed off retired cop and you could really tell he was pissed off about having to be in that movie.

But in trying to find the name of the film, I realized that Bruce Willis must be the hardest working actor in Hollywood right now. Looking at his current filmography, I have to wonder if he has a gambling debt problem.

Starcrash gets the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 treatment in their first Netflix season and it is hilarious. One of the best episodes of that season, IMO.

Last Night in Soho

Edgar Wright’s pandemic-delayed horror movie. Hype is pretty high for this one and there are parts of it that are downright amazing, but I think it is held back by the fact that it is not scary or disturbing even in the least. It is a horror movie. Hereditary, The Nightingale, and Possession(1981) are all amazingly well made…and are also deeply scary and impactful.

Last Night in Soho is well acted, well filmed, and is simply incredibly captivating at times. But in the end, I was disappointed.

I can’t give it a negative review as it is actually really impressive in parts, but I was hoping for more.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this one. I am actually wondering if it deserves its own thread.

This has been on my list since it was announced so I look forward to watching and returning to discuss it. Also, I just looked up Nightingale and I’ll be watching that this weekend if I can find it. You are The Cinemeister! :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw Last Night in Soho a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. Edgar Wright also directed Baby Driver and like that one, the music was a big part of this movie.

In your opinion, was it trying to be scary and failed? Or were they going for something else, like “moody” or “dreamy”?