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I’m not sure a series would have enough material, not with the story in the trilogy at least, you could include things from the appendices and show what’s happening in Lorien, Gondor and other places when the Fellowship is not there, but even then you’ll have very little to work with.

A film we saw two months ago at the local Programmkino:

It’s more of a fairy tale than a romantic comedy. The conductors the two gondolas of a cable line crossing a valley at a small town in Georgia [the country in the Caucasus] always meet in the middle, slowly fall in love while engaging in a competition of decorating their gondolas in ever more fantastic style.

The IMDB entry says “Language: None”. That is nearly correct: There is just one (1) word spoken in the whole movie, and that is an English abbreviation that has been adopted all over the world.

It’s a feel-good movie. I enjoyed it so much that I even forgot that I am acrophobic.

Unfortunately I found no references to the movie being distributed outside of Germany.

If you are interested, there is a cute and safe for work easter egg if you go to the website shown on the billboard in the new Beverly Hills Cop movie.

Zombieland 2009 Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone

Rule number one for surviving Zombieland: Cardio
The second rule: the Double Tap

I needed ro laugh tonight. Lots of Zombies and one Bill Murray were harmed in making this movie.

Best Road trip movie, ever.

My daughter is now old enough to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show and so we did, nearly four decades after the last time I saw it.

Firstly - this is the first time I’ve seen it at home and so I finally heard a lot of the dialogue that got shouted over in the cinema.

Secondly - I’d forgotten just how many songs there are in it. They’re practically back-to-back throughout. Hell, you could set the few talky bits as recitative and it’d be an opera.

Thirdly - Tim Curry remains awesome, but I’d also forgotten how often he looks straight at the camera. It’s quite striking.

Fourthly - Damn but Charles Gray looks like he’s having way too much fun.

Fifthly - I had to spend a lot of time explaining various cultural references to my daughter. That she didn’t know the sci-fi films mentioned in opening number is to be expected, but “Who’s Meatloaf?” really hurt. I am old…

Breaking the fourth wall is something I grew up with in a lot of British TV, and I’m sure plenty of US stuff too, so I find it surprising how now it’s considered unusual and notable.

But unlike the Narrator who is speaking directly to the audience, Frank does it when he is apparently addressing the others in the room with him. It’s very much a wink-wink move.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie that defies all genres and leaves one mystified as to whether to regard it as a work of genius or a movie that’s “so bad, it’s good”. Or maybe both. Who knows! All I know is that it’s lots of fun, and the music is great. “Science Fiction Double Feature” is one of my favourite tunes in it. I haven’t seen it in years but I think it may be time for a re-watch!

Consistent with the oddity of this strange film is that the same director and writer produced a sequel called Shock Treatment that was really terrible (I don’t think I’ve even seen it, just heard about its terribleness). Rocky Horror was one of a kind. .You can’t make a one-of-a-kind into a franchise.

It’s sequel is terrific, too. Both are kind of overlooked great comedies.

Watching TRHPS is a Halloween tradition in our house. As a father, I do try to … minimize some of the shoutbacks, but sometimes, you just can’t help yourself. The line “Meatloaf for dinner again?” is used year round.

Oh, and one of the few remaining outdoor theaters is in my neck of the woods. Their last show of the season is usually Rocky Horror. Great thing about the outdoor - you can shout and hear the lines!

Isn’t this a pretty big spoiler?

I think it’s well known now that Bill was in the movie. I didn’t say what he does or what happens.

Having Bill in a comedy makes all the cast funnier.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024). As many have already noted this is a good action comedy that really plays a lot on nostalgia factor. In a sense it is a lot like Top Gun: Maverick in that it follows all the main beats of the original just updated for today’s world. Unlike Top Gun, there isn’t really an attempt to make the stars appear to be the same as they were in the original. They have clearly aged and have to deal with those issues as well. Even the villain is of the same age as the heroes.

What is clear is that everyone is having a good time making this movie and I enjoyed watching it. I do not know if it is worth a re-watch, though I would not object to one.


For any reboot, this is key. It’s all nostalgia anyway so make it a happy memory to go back to.

I had planned on seeing this anyway, but your review pushed this to the top of the queue.

Is it? I was surprised.

I’ve just given up on Axel F partway through - it’s a little too dependent on 1980’s nostalgia, and it’s like watching a tribute act of itself. But that’s just me.

The music in the first 30 minutes was almost ridiculously laid in there. I forget the names of the songs(not the Axel F theme, which I expect), but they dumped a couple songs from the other movies right in there and it did not feel natural. I suspect producer interference.

“The Heat Is On”, “Neutron Dance”, and “Shakedown” all feature.

Is there a time limit on spoilers on absolutely obvious things, like a famous person being sixth of the cast list on imdb? If so, I’d say 15 years was enough for that.

I don’t know that there’s a general rule, but I agree with you on this movie, and I’m one of those people who tends to get pissy about spoilers.