Movies you've seen recently

Yeah, that.

That’s one of my all-time favorite movies. Humor, pathos, and stellar performances all around, even from actors you don’t expect it from like Melanie Griffith.

As for recent: We watched War Horse last night. My wife enjoyed it; I’d like that 2-1/2 hours of bombast back. Leave it to Spielberg to club you over the head with swelling music and over-explained scenes because we’re all too stupid to understand subtlety. Completely unbelievable setups and scenes. I’m surprised it got 75% positive on Rotten Tomatoes.

Although Jane Austen meeting the Beach Boys could’ve been interesting…

Watched Ruben Brandt, Collector this week. The animation is wonderful to watch and the story - a crime thriller about a therapist haunted by dreams in which characters from famous paintings attack him - is as surreal as the artwork.

And then it ends. Abruptly. 99% of the film is innovative and fresh, and then it ends suddenly with a spectacularly disappointing cliché. Ah well.

Werner Herzog has a new movie.

Fireball - Visitors from Darker Worlds

It’s about meteorites, the search for them, what they tell us about space. It is a pretty good Herzog movie, actually. You can tell he enjoys those who take joy in their science and discovery. I was amazed at how nice the work and living environment in Antarctica looks now.

Well worth a look if you know Herzog or are curious what his movies are like. He narrates and appears once or twice on screen.

Over the weekend, we saw the new Hulu Original Run (not bad), Almost Famous (not as bad as I was expecting), and a documentary called Citizen Architect (a complete mess).

We watched #Alive, a Korean zombie movie.

It was pretty good. I think it hoped to be as good as Train To Busan(it isn’t), but ended up better than many other zombie movies out there.

Netflix original.

Wait, by Almost Famous are you referring to the semi-autobiographical film by Cameron Crowe? I’d say it’s a great deal better than “not as bad as I was expecting”. It’s an awesome film and one of my favorites. (Also, as I remember, one of Roger Ebert’s favorites. I think he identified with the teenage journalist main character.)

I’ve never seen it, but now I am thinking about it. I loved Roger Ebert.

De gustibus and all that. I was expecting something much closer to Dazed and Confused and got more than I expected. It’s probably significant that I’m simultaneously 10 years younger and 30 years older than I expect the target market for the film (people who were 15-25 at the time it was set and people who were 15-25 when it came out).

If you want to keep your faith in Law Enforcement Officers as good, competent people working for the public good, do NOT watch The Confession Killer on Netflix.

The sad tale of Henry Lee Lucas, who killed two people, but started to confess to murder after murder after murder once in custody. He eventually confessed to over 300 murders around the country. It took a journalist to step in and say ‘You know, this doesn’t seem plausible’.
Lucas actually told two Japanese reporters that he committed murders in Japan also. When asked how he got to Japan, he said that he drove there.