Movies you've seen recently

Wow, I wouldn’t go nearly that far. I think Raiders of the Lost Ark, True Lies, The Avengers, the Mission: Impossible series (all of them but the second), Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgment Day are all much, much better action movies. But to each their own.

There is one film that fully meets the criteria of “action movie” and has consistently appeared in international lists of the greatest films of all time (once, even topping the list)

Any particular reason to obscure the film title?

Just wanted people to be able to have their own guesses before revealing it.

I would say that other “all time great” action movies I have seen are:

Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Matrix
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The Bourne Supremacy

I think Mad Max 4 beats all of those, though. Again, it was probably my #2 movie of the previous decade, so I obviously loved it.

Jeez, I just watched Air Force One, and the only good thing I can report, is it gives me opportunity to use the word ‘Preposterous’ in a post.

If that word was subject to squaring, it would still not do that film justice.

Just watched Thelma and Louise. Had seen it when it was first released, but not since (Damn, was that 30 years ago?). Still fresh. What struck me was how the problems of two rather ordinary women kept snowballing irrevocably out of control. And the iconic ending was an act, not of desperation, but of liberation and defiance.

News of the World - Tom Hanks rides around the old West with a young girl, and is Tom Hanks. It’s very Tom Hanksy.

We watched Nomadland on Hulu last night. Francis McDormand is a national treasure, folks; a female version of Willem Dafoe who could pass as his twin sister. The movie is based on the non-fiction book of the same name. Other than McDormand and David Strathairn, everyone in the film is a non-actor. This is the story of what has happened to a lot of folks in post-recession America. They’ve become drifters and loners who depend occasionally on others like them, and on part-time gigs for survival, but who spend most of their time on the road. An excellent and thoughtful film.

It was pretty successful when it came out. I haven’t watched it again since but remember the excitement generated. After the Cold War era was over and blockbuster movie makers had to come up with something new for political thrillers. Harrison Ford playing a kickass US president was a great sell.

I mentioned it upthread, but what did you make of the girl pointing with her pinky in News of the World?

It didn’t really register, and I have to admit it’s not something I’ve seen before. I’ve read that Native Americans point with their lips as finger pointing is considered rude (although I don’t know if this is universal); you’d think she’d do more of that.

I watched The Rhythm Section a few days ago whilst exercising, basically Blake Livley wears a lot of wigs and it was only 100 minutes long. A predictable action movie even by action movie standards.

Last night we watched The Dressmaker. It was quirky to say the least and took a fairly hard turn at the last 1/4 or so of the movie, overall it was good.

Air Force One is preposterous but great fun. I’ve seen it, I think, three times. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman are both terrific in their roles. I also like that several scenes of the capture of the Kazakh president were filmed near here.

I completely disagree. I thought it was one of the best films of that year and I knew nothing about it going in, and did not feel I had to read anything about it afterwards either.

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I have to disagree with the “predictable” aspect. I would say the ending was predictable, but I thought other aspects were more realistic than most action movies.
Instead of being transformed into (yet another) uber-killer, Blake ends up…like an average person who has had like 3 weeks of training. Some skills, but not like a seasoned killer. (Compare this to “Peppermint”). And psychologically she is not a stone-cold, emotionless killer.

What I found most unexpected was that they managed to make Lively unattractive ! Like they did the Charlize Theron “Monster” treatment to her. I hardly recognized her at the beginning, and they didn’t “transform” her very far from how she started.

When I saw the trailer for The Rhythm Section, I assumed it was an Americanized version of In The Fade (2017), with Diane Kruger.

If you want a bone-chilling version of an average person turned into an avenger, In The Fade is for you. I can barely remember The Rhythm Section, but there are still scenes from In The Fade stuck in my mind.