"Mr Saturday Night Special" lyrics question

Arrgg ruined my joke … “Freebird” is really a Firebird, an inferior product to the Chevy Camaro.

I can’t argue about the song. It is well written. I just personally never liked it - another Southern Rock song about ‘I cannot be chained to one woman, you just don’t understand.’

But I like Marshall Tucker’s “Heard It In A Love Song”, so I dunno. Maybe my dislike is backlash against how popular FB is. I want to hold my lighter up, and I don’t even smoke!

If I drive away tomorrow
Would you please take my F150?
For I must be traveling far now
And a pickup will not be what I need

But if I stayed here in the South, girl,
It would be a necessity
Cause I need a Firebird now,
Smokey cannot catch me, oh oh oh oh

The lyrics are pretty meh. Me, all I can ever think of is the tear-jerker mini-article in an early edition of People about the high school couple who committed suicide by ramming the wall of the school at high speed, Freebird a-blarin’ on the Kraco sound system.

Listen to the instrumental backing next time and tune out the po’ po’ me southren rawk babble. The tempo at the end is close to triple that of the beginning, and it happens one small increment at a time. It goes from a slow blues ballad right up to the edge of metal in an almost linear fashion across all nine minutes. Very impressive composing and skill.