Multiple God Religions

PS. There used to be a Church of St. Priapus in San Francisco where the priests would “worship phalli” of the congregation. Since AIDS they have gone underground.


I was a sort of polytheist around 10 or 11 too, SqrlCub, but I didn’t really believe in it even at the time. Actually, I think it started earlier, about 8 or so. I would leave offerings to the Greek gods (flowers and such), oh, maybe twice a year. Later I started to leave offerings for the “tree spirits” (why I thought tree spirits would be pleased by flowers and berries, I don’t know). It probably lasted until I was 16 or so. Interestingly, I never really believed the offerings would do any good. I just liked the ritual (I gave symbolic significance to various flowers and herbs), but it was a very vague and doubting belief; kind of like picking up a penny for good luck. Or playing with an ouija board. You don’t really think it’ll do anything, but it’s fun to pretend it would. I never seriously thought the Gods I left offerings for existed, I just thought it would be neat if they did. No offense intended to your belief, of course.

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Gaudere, no offense taken. Everyone is entitled to their opinon except when they actively try to hurt others. I understand what you mean about just having rituals that are significant to your individual beliefs. We do many things ritualistically (for example getting up in the morning, showering, shaving, brushing your teeth could be thought of as a cleansing ritual…duh it’s because it is) for reasons other than religion. I love my morning ritual of cleaning, it leaves me feeling minty fresh like a soap commercial. :slight_smile: Anyway, once rituals become religious that leads to a whole other story. Religious rituals, for me, are designed to get my mind focused on topics that I would usually not think about and give a sense of purpose to life. There are certain things that I have taken from Wicca and other pagan religions that give me a sense of purpose. I really like the Samhain ritual. It is a way to remember the dead and know that they are not truly gone. (Wasn’t there someone here who would go to their dead relatives gravesites with her mother and have her mother tell stories until she felt she knew them? That was truly beautiful.) Earlier in my life, I was an agnostic/athiest depending on what type of time frame you looked at. That was all fine and good, but with that I did not feel that my life really had meaning. That is not to say that agnostic’s and athiest’s lives don’t have meaning, it is just that mine felt like it lacked purpose. I no longer feel that way. Rituals and a few simple beliefs did that for me.

I won’t expound right now.

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